Romantic desert erotic story
Sexy romantic desert erotic sex stories

I love the desert.
I love Teri.

The day was sunny, warm, and beautiful as our Jeep zoomed east along Highway
190, heading into Death Valley National Monument. The windows were open, and
the clean, dry desert air blew through Teri's long hair, making it sail behind
her head. I sat in the passenger seat and gazed out the window at the passing
scenery, every now and then turning my head to look at my wife as she drove.
She was wearing her usual T-shirt and shorts, and as usual my crotch stiffened
as I took in her sexiness. Pretty soon I leaned to my left and put my head on
her shoulder. Teri put her right hand on my leg and gave it a squeeze. In
that position, we continued to drive.

We came to a fork in the highway, where 190 turns toward the south and 58
splits off to the northeast, toward Nevada. Teri steered the Jeep off the
road onto a large clearing of hard dirt, pulled the parking brake, and shut
off the engine. "So which way do you want to go first?"

I picked up the map of California from the floor and unfolded it across our
laps, then put my arm around Teri as we studied the map together.

"Well, here's where we'll be camping tonight..." I indicated Furnace Creek on
the map, about twenty miles south. "...and here is the Keene Wonder Mine
which I told you about..." I pointed to the spot where I remembered that
being, about ten miles northeast. "Why don't we go there now? We can figure
out the rest aftwerward." Teri looked up at me and said, "sounds good to
me..." I couldn't help myself: My hand slid around the back of her head as
my lips pressed against hers. For several minutes we kissed, as cars whipped
by on the highway next to us.

We do kiss quite often.

Soon we were on the road again, heading south on 190 and looking for the dirt
road with no name on the map. I remembered that there was a sign pointing the
way to the mine, and sure enough that sign appeared ahead of us. Teri made
the left turn onto the bumpy dirt road, and we headed north again. A mountain
peak, which the map identified as Chloride Cliff, loomed ahead and to the
right of us. Somewhere at the foot of it was the old abandoned mine.

The road was quite rough, and Teri and I both laughed and giggled as the truck
bounced wildly. Teri's boobs were bouncing too, underneath her shirt, and I
had to tear my eyes off them so that I could be looking for the small side
road that led to the mine. Soon we came to another sign, which pointed to a
barely- noticeable turnoff to the right. Teri quickly swung the truck onto
it. This road was bumpier still! One bump made her head hit the ceiling, and
she giggled and slowed down. We bounced along this winding road, and could
see the edge of the valley ahead, rising up to become Chloride Cliff. The
mine was visible also.

The road abruptly ended at the base of a steep rise. There were no other cars
around. Teri and I looked at each other and grinned, and she bit her lower
lip the way she always does when fun things are soon to come. She parked the
Jeep, and we stepped out into the bright sunshine. I walked around the truck
to where Teri was standing, and embraced her tightly. My hands slid around to
her back and underneath her shirt as we kissed. We felt so hot and horny
together as we kissed and embraced in the warmth of the noontime desert sun.

Eventually we managed to set our minds back on the reason for our presence
there. We opened the back of the truck and obtained our desert wear. Teri
pulled on a thin long-sleeved short and long pants. I missed being able to see
her sexy legs and silky skin, but it was important to keep them protected from
the blazing desert sun! I also put on such long-sleeved clothing, and then I
brought out our daypacks, full of sandwiches and snacks and water. Once
equipped, we set off on the trail leading up to the Keene Wonder Mine.

The trail wound around a couple of small hills, and then ended at a large
circular clearing at the base of a much taller hill, which surrounded the
clearing on three sides. Trails headed away from the clearing and up the hill
to the left and right. Very old buildings and machinery could be seen on the
hill at various plateaus. A sign in the middle of the clearing welcomed us to
the mine, described its history, and warned us to stay away from any open

I looked at Teri, who was sipping some water from her bottle. "Shall we head
on up?" She nodded, and pointed to the left and then to the right in a silent
"which way?" I chose the right for no particular reason, and we began our
hike up the steep narrow trail.

The trail curved around to the left as we climbed, and soon we found ourselves
at the first plateau cut into the hill's face, looking down at the clearing
where we had been only moments before. Looking further away, we could see our
Jeep, and the road beyond, and the endless desert beyond that. It felt almost
as though we were the only people left on the whole planet.

We kissed again.

It felt so wonderful to hug and squeeze and kiss each other so out in the open!
My hands rubbed and caressed her back underneath her shirt, and then they slid
down and squeezed her buttocks. She hugged me tightly as we kissed with even
greater fervor, our tongues plunging deep into each other's mouths. Then my
tongue slid out of her mouth and down her neck, then around the base of her
neck as she tilted her head back and sighed with pleasure. Up the other side,
and then some tasty ear nibbling. Then my tongue slid along her cheek and
back into her mouth as our lips reconnected for even more hot passionate

The mine called out for us to explore it. We ignored it for a while. Then we
walked hand-in-hand toward the nearest building.

The building was not much more now than a large wooden floor that jutted away
from the side of the hill, held up by diagonal beams below it. Some renmants
of walls and roof remained, enough to cast some shade inside. I stepped
gingerly out onto the deck. It felt solid, though the wood was obviously very
old. Teri followed close behind me, and soon we were standing in the middle
of the place, with nothing between us and the ground a hundred feet below but
four inches of wood.

I love the smell of old wood and metal! We walked around the perimeter of the
building, and examined the rusty remains of ancient and unidentifiable mining
equipment. Pressed against, and seemingly disappearing into, the side of the
hill was an enormous metal box. It was open at both ends, and a conveyor belt
(what was left of it) passed through it. I looked inside, and could see Teri
looking back at me from the other end. She waved at me and grinned.

I stepped away from the metal box and continued to explore the place. Old
timbers, probably from the walls and ceiling, littered the floor in some
spots. Teri walked over to me and pointed at a bare area on the floor.
"C'mon, let's eat lunch here!" She hopped over to the spot she'd indicated,
shrugged off her daypack, and pulled a small blanket from it. Together we
spread it out on the floor. Then we made camp there.

There were some gaps between the timbers that formed the floor, and I peered
through them at the ground far below as I ate. Teri slid across the blanket
and pressed her side against mine, and we traded bites from each other's
sandwich. I liked hers more.

After we ate, we made love.

It began with kissing, lots and lots of long kissing. My hands felt all over
her luscious body as we kissed. They reached up inside her shirt and played
with her big yummy breasts. She rolled over on top of me, and her chest
pressed against mine as we kissed and kissed and kissed. My hands worked her
pants down and then rubbed and caressed her sexy legs all over, as far down as
they could reach. They felt the silkiness of her thighs and her firm ass.

Kissing and kissing...

We rolled over on our sides, and Teri slid one hand down to unzip my pants and
reach inside my underwear. Her fingers encircled my stiff cock, making me
even HOTTER! My tongue plunged even deeper into her mouth, licking the roof
way in back and wriggling all about. Her lips closed around my tongue, and
she sucked on it as her hand gently but firmly stroked my cock.

My tongue slid down her neck again, and went further this time. When it
reached her shirt collar, I grasped the bottom of the shirt and slid it up
above her boobs. Then my hands gently felt them all over, teasing and
tickling the nipples. My tongue descended upon them and joined in the
tickling fun. Her breasts are so wonderful to touch! They taste good too.

My horniness drove my tongue and face into those scrumptuous breasts with
increasing vigor. Her free hand came up behind my head and gently gripped it
as I feasted upon her chest. My face wiggled back and forth as my tongue
danced all over the wonderful flesh. Her nipples rubbed against my cheeks and
then fell prey to my nipple-seeking tongue and lips. Her other hand stroked
my throbbing dick with increasing desire.

I slid a hand down underneath her panties, feeling for her hot pussy. My
fingers played with her hairs as they spiraled inward between her legs. Her
hips were writhing now, and her hand slid down my cock and rubbed my
testicles, then slid back up to give me even more pleasure. My lips and tongue
feasted on her entire upper body and neck, and then returned to her lips for
more hot kissing.

My fingers rubbed along her moist pussy lips, and her whole body jerked
reflexively. They twiddled and teased the wet folds of flesh. I could hear
her say "uuuunngh" into my mouth as our lips ground together and our tongues
danced in unison. A fingertip parted her pussy lips and dipped inside a
little ways. Another reflexive jerk, and her hand clenched a little tighter
on my hard member. Then it slid away and up my body, reaching up inside my
shirt and feeling all over my chest.

Our hands were all over each other then, yanking shirts and pants all the way
off. Soon we were completely naked, rolling around on the blanket and making
incredible love in the middle of a wood floor, suspended on the edge of a
cliff high above the ground!

If anybody had come across us then, they would have become instantly very
horny. Perhaps if it was a couple, they would have soon been making hot love
right there with us! That would have been quite interesting. But no one else
ever showed up, or if they did, they never made their presence known to us.
But who knows? Maybe we're now in somebody's private photo album, and he or
she is looking at that picture and getting VERY hot...

At some point I ended up on top of Teri in the 69 position, licking and
fingering her pussy as she sucked hungrily on my cock. I could feel the
sensitive tip of it rub against the back of her mouth. Oooooh it felt SO
good! My tongue wiggled about in between her lips as my fingers slid up and
down on either side of them. Then I pushed my tongue inside as deep as I
could. Mmmmmm my tongue found it so warm and moist and pleasant inside her.
(Every time is like the first time!) It wiggled and twisted about and tasted
the walls of her vaginal channel, basting itself with her sweet juices.

The feel of my tongue and then my fingers inside her made her SO horny, and
she sucked on my throbbing meat with great fervor! I could hear the slurping
and sucking sounds as she enjoyed it like a popsicle. I could feel myself
coming very soon... My fingers squeezed in between her pussy lips and
wriggled their way into her. Her whole body began to bend and twist, and her
hips undulated with the wonderful sensations. She popped my cock out of her
mouth and rubbed it with both hands. I could feel my orgasm building
rapidly... and then streams of hot cum jetted out of my cock. She directed
it down to her chest, and rubbed the tip of my cock back and forth across her
jiggling boobs as it discharged its load all over them. After a brief pause
to regain my wits, my fingers continued to dance about inside her and made her
hips writh about even more. I jammed them deep inside and bent them all
about, and soon she yelped as she, too, was washed over by the orgasmic wave.

For quite a while after that, we simply lay in each other's arms and rested in
the warm desert breeze.

It was around 4 PM when we dressed, and stuffed the blanket back into Teri's
daypack. We walked to the edge of the old building next to the trail, and
turned back to look at it one last time. I felt that we would probably visit
this place again some day.

We climbed around and explored some more, and then headed back down to the
clearing at the base of the hill. Attached to one side of the welcome sign
was a log book, and a pencil dangled on a string attached to a nail. Visitors
to the mine recorded in the log their name, date and time of visit, and any
comments they felt like making. Teri and I flipped through the book and read
the comments of previous visitors. Then I recorded our info and wrote that my
wife and I enjoyed our visit very much. There was much to see and do, and the
scenery was beautiful!

We climbed into the Jeep and sped back down the bumpy dirt road, passing a
Toyota pickup along the way. A man and two women rode inside it, and they
waved and shouted at us as they passed. We waved back, and laughed. I
wondered what kind of mischief they'd get into there...

I steered the Jeep back onto Highway 190, heading south toward Furnace Creek
and the campground where we planned to stay the night.

The setting sun cast its red glow across the desert all around us as we sped
down the highway. Teri had her window rolled down, and let the breeze blow
through her hair as she absorbed the passing scenery, with her chin on her
arms. I put a hand on her back and rubbed it lightly. She shifted in her seat
and leaned the other way to rest against my side. Her hand slid across and
caressed my stomach. I couldn't wait to arrive at the campground...

A few minutes later, the sign marking its entrance appeared. I turned onto
the gravel road leading into the campsite, and drove past row upon row of
parked RV's and trailers. I wanted to camp out someplace nice and secluded.
Fortunately the campground was actually quite empty: just the several clumps
of campers near the entrance, and a few scattered here and there. A nice
little clearing, surrounded by tall trees and with nobody else around for
quite a distance, presented itself to me on the left. I quickly pulled the
Jeep into it, and then Teri and I got out and began to unload our stuff.

The clearing had one picnic table, which soon was covered with food containers
and cooking utensils. I lit the Coleman stove and put the steaks on one side
of it, while Teri tore the husks off the corn. She wrapped them in tin foil
and put them on the other side of the stove. Then we sat there, with arms
around each other, watching our dinner cook and savoring the mouth-watering

And we kissed in the firelight.

The steaks had almost burned on one side when I finally managed to tear myself
away from Teri long enough to turn them and the corn over. Then my lips were
immediately pressed against hers again. Our tongues danced together as the
dark of night descended all around us. My hands slid up under her shirt (as
they are always inclined to do) and felt her waist and back and stomach and
chest. My penis, still aching somewhat from our adventures at the mine, was
hard again.

I remembered with an inward grin that we had brought only one sleeping bag.
That thought made me even harder and more horny, and my hands caressed her
upper body underneath her shirt with greater vigor as our kissing became more
passionate. Together we were drawn into a state of hot lovemaking bliss that
was not interrupted until the steaks spit some hot grease on my arm, letting
me know quite clearly that they needed attention. My tongue probed inside her
mouth a little bit more, then withdrew reluctantly. But we both knew it would
return soon.

With such yummy thoughts in mind, we ate our steaks and corn together. She
finished hers first (but then she had smaller portions), and then she sat on
my lap and tried to steal mine. But my hands were there to defend my supper,
and they launched a counterattack, rubbing her stomach and feeling her yummy
chest and totally distracting her from her evil schemes. But then I felt a
sudden generousness (not to mention great pangs of horniness), and I held up
my cob of corn to her sexy lips and let her take a bite out of it. Meanwhile
I swept her long hair aside and began nibbling at the base of her neck. Soon
we were at it again, giggling and laughing and tickling each other and feeling
each other and kissing passionately right there on the bench, with her still
sitting on my lap.

The sleeping bag beckoned.

"Let's get out the sleeping bag," I managed to mutter between kisses. Teri and
I rose as one, with our arms tightly around each other as we walked to the
back of the Jeep. I reluctantly let go of her long enough to open the door
and retrieve the sleeping bag. As soon as I shut the door we were embracing
and kissing yet again.

A little while later we spread a large old blanket across the hard ground, and
unrolled the sleeping bag. Then we sat down together at the open end of the
bag. Teri put her arms around my neck and rested her head on my shoulder, and
we sat like that for some time, listening to the blessed quiet of the desert,
punctuated occasionally by coyotes in the distance, or faint voices from some
other part of the campsite. Then I held up the top of the bag so Teri could
slide into it easily, and I slid in next to her.

It was a large sleeping bag, but still a snug fit for two people. Our bodies
could not help but be pressed together, and that's exactly how we wanted it.
Before long, the surface of the bag twitched and rippled as the creatures
within eagerly shed their clothing. Shirts, pants, underwear, socks flew out
of the sleeping bag's open end. Then we just lay there side-by-side and
looked at the stars while we caressed each other's body.

Teri's arm reached out of the bag and up to point at some spot in the heavens.
"There's Orion! And there's the Little Dipper..." With no light pollution in
the desert, the number of visible stars was just amazing! Staring at all of
them was nearly hypnotic. But soon my reverence of the clear night sky was
replaced by horniness and an even greater reverence for the luscious body
pressed up against my side. Trapped in a sleeping bag with someone as horny as
me, that scrumptous flesh could not escape being eaten! I quickly rolled onto
my side to face Teri, and pressed my lips against her right cheek as she was
still gazing at the stars. She giggled with pleasure and turned her head to
face me. Our lips met yet again.

We really tested the structural limits of that poor old sleeping bag!

Our bodies writhed and rubbed and slid all over each other as we kissed and
caressed. The bag kept our bodies pressed deliciously together no matter what
position we ended up in, and we rolled over and over inside it. I especially
loved it when Teri was on top of me, with her long hair cascading all around
my head and her big luscious boobs pressing firmly against my chest. My hands
felt all over her buttocks and legs and then slid up her sides and squeezed
those breasts together, making her nipples slide across mine. While all the
time kissing, kissing, kissing...!

It grew very warm inside the bag.

We were really hot and horny now, and when we rolled over again, me on top of
her, the whole bag rolled over with us. I pulled my head inside like a turtle
pulling his head into his shell, and began to feast on the pleasures of the
soft flesh that was piled into a mound between my hands. I rubbed her erect
nipples against my cheeks as my tongue dug down in between her breasts. Then
I pressed my whole face into them. My hands pressed her warm, wonderful
titflesh up against the sides of my face. Teri's chin and lips touched the
top of my head, and her legs twisted all around mine, trying to press as much
of her skin as she could against mine.

I wonder now if anybody saw us making such hot love underneath the stars.
They would have seen a big sleeping bag bucking and writhing all about, with
Teri's beautiful face poking out of the end, her eyes closed and her kissable
lips spread in a big smile as a big lump moved up and down and back and forth
somewhere in the vicinity of her chest. If anyone did see it, I have no doubt
that they enjoyed the show!

Teri slipped a hand down along my body and wrapped her fingers around my hard,
throbbing cock. She began to stroke it, and the sensations drove me wild,
making me feast upon her breasts like a caveman! They wiggled and jiggled
wildly as I shook my face across them and squeezed them with my fingers and
licked them all over and pressed first one nipple, then the other, and then
both of them together deep into my mouth.

I LOVE to play with and suck on Teri's breasts...

Her grip tightened on my cock, and its head rubbed against her inner thighs as
she stroked it. I slid my tongue up her chest and neck, returning it to the
place it knows and loves so well: her sexy lips and mouth. We kissed more
passionately than ever as my hard cock rubbed against her pussy hairs.

Her hand stopped stroking, and carefully guided the tip of my penis in between
her pussy lips. I felt the warmth and pressure as my shaft slowly squeezed
into her. Her hands slid to my upper back, and gripped firmly. I propped
myself up on my elbows, once again straining the limits of the sleeping bag,
and began to move my hips up and down, driving my cock in and out of her hot
wet love channel faster and faster.

Teri's hips rocked in time with mine, and then our whole bodies rocked back
and forth in unison. Each inward push into her sent a wave of hot
pleasureable fire throughout my crotch, and made Teri inhale quickly. I bent
my head down so that my tongue could reach her mouth, and her tongue reached
up to meet mine. They flicked at each other, and then slid together as our
lips once again met. My hands slid to her chest and pushed her boobs up
against my chest as my hips continued to ram my hot hard rod into her.

I could feel myself building quickly to orgasm. I pushed myself into her even
harder and faster, and her fingers dug into my back even more. Our lips ground
together in hot lusty fury as our tongues dueled to the end. With a firm
THRUST I released my load of hot cum into her, and her hips bucked and
momentarily carried mine upward with them. I continued to ram my cock into
her as it depleted itself. Then I slid it out, and rubbed its head against
her belly. My hands slid underneath her shoulders as my chest settled on top
of her. I lay on top of her and kissed her more and more and more...

Then we slept under the stars in each other's arms.


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