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My line of work involves delivering and hooking up TV's to our customers who aren't able to do so. Most frequently it's older or infirmed people who require my services, which was the case - at least that's what I thought - when I went into the showroom to cover for the manager.

An older couple came in, purchased a cable-ready television and requested that it be delivered to their home. I informed them I was the one who took care of these installations and added that I'd be over the following day to hook up their system.

As they left the store, it appeared that their daughter or niece - a very attractive young lady had come to the store to meet them.

After a quick chat with the older couple, the girl came in and told me that she would be home the following day to accept the television deliver. I watched her exit the store, and as the light hit her sundress, I could see that she wore no panties underneath. Her perfect ass and crack were completely visible from my vantage point.

Upon reaching her home the next day, I was suddenly snapped into an advanced sexual state. The front door to their home was open as was the screen door - and my hands
were full of equipment, I let myself in. Instantly, the heady aroma of sex was in the air. I called out to Laura but received no reply.

Then I saw her; totally naked, sprawled out on the floor with her back against the couch and a banana buried in her twat. "Close the door," she said quickly! Now, this was a strange scene. Here was this gorgeous  brunette, whom I'd only met a day earlier, laid out in the living room floor with bananas all around her.

All of them were unpeeled save for one in her hootch, which she used to rub her clit, and the one Laura was urging me to put in the lower part of her pussy, closer to her ass which of course I did. I couldn't believe how hard my cock was from watching Laura's box devour bananas. It actually hurt and I tried to rearrange myself to alleviate the pain.

"Take your pants off," Laura breathed. "Let me see your hard cock." With the two bananas sticking out of her snatch, Laura handed me a third unpeeled this time. "Stick it in me between the others."

With one hand on my rock-hard cock, I stuck the banana in with my other. Inch by inch Laura's cunt accepted. Laura was now calling for me to fuck her with it. "Push it in farther; then pull it out, oh yes, that's it, only harder." The rhythm of my jacking off was hard to keep up with because I was really into giving Laura the banana boning she desired.

The harder I plunged the unpeeled banana in, the more mushy the two peeled ones became. As our tempo increased - Laura's groans and screams of joy and my plunging- I could feel a terrific burning in my balls and the underside of my shaft. A moment later I stood up and shot my wad all over Laura's pretty face.

Still hard, I picked Laura up by her hips, turned her away from me and laid her upper body across the couch. She was still somewhat hazy about what was going on, but when she felt my dick in her pussy, she understood. "Grab another banana, and unpeeled," Laura breathed anxiously. "Quickly put it in my ass" I did as ordered, picking up the one I had taken out of her gash, which was already well -lubricated from the previous poking. The sensation of plowing Laura's banana-puree-packed pussy was indescribable. All that smashed fruit made the fit nice and tight - a luxuriously warm and gooey feeling. The banana in Laura's ass was all the way in, except for the dark and tapered end. Laura was now howling, and I worried that I had gone too far up her fudge, but she said it felt great and yelled to fuck her hard and fast.

Thrusting in and out Laura's hot box was out of this world. Each time I pulled out, some banana chunks came out with my cock. A few seconds later I was shooting my hot sticky load deep in Laura's juicy gash.

Then we changed places and assumed the "69" position. I ate all the smashed fruit out of Laura's pussy, lavishing her lower extremities with my talented tongue. Laura also displayed some well-versed oral antics, sucking my banana coated cock and taking care to catch all the loose pieces of banana that were lodged in my pubic hair and underneath my nuts.

After cleaning up a bit, I installed their new monitor and said goodbye. Upon reaching the store my boss asked what took so long but I told him he'd never believe it.

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