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The morning air is crisp at 6am, enough for our breath to condense and the coffee to appear to be steaming unnaturally.

We wait at the field, having had made arrangements the day before to go on a balloon ride. I hold you in the morning fog, me standing behind you, my face buried in your sweet smelling hair. You kiss my hands which are wrapped around you and then sip the coffee you hold between your fingers. The sun is just beginning to peek above the horizon,
neither of us are morning people, but the sight of the sun peeking above the trees like a kid peeking over the table, causes us to smile.

The sight is comforting and I press my lips to your cheek, kissing it and whispering soft
words into your covered ear. My fingers long for your flesh even after the wonderful evening the night before. Smiling to myself I allow my hands to gently travel up the front of your sweater, cupping your soft breast that is held in place with one of your beautiful bras you purchased from Victoria's Secret.

You respond by leaning back into me more, snuggling into my chest and we feel very contented at the moment, a magic spell I never want to break... It isn't long before we see the truck arrive with the pilot and his crew. They wave a friendly hello and I use the moment to slowly remove my hand so as not to arouse any suspicion from the crew. It may have been for naught, judging from the smile and wink from Pam, the crew chief of the balloon "Risky Business." What an appropriate name I thought when I first saw it.

"Glad to see you folks made it up on this fine morning." the pilot greets us. "The weather
man says it is going to be one fine fall day, and I'll wager the wind will cooperate wonderfully. The crew operated admirably removing the envelope and basket from the
truck, assembling the propane tanks to it and started the inflation fans. All this time we hold each others hand and marvel at the joy with which they displayed in their tasks. We look beyond and see that we are not the only ones here on the field. A deer is a few hundred feet away, nibbling on the tender grass that is wet from the morning dew. There are also some curious onlookers from the neighborhood. Here to watch the proceedings with bleary eyed morning interest.

The Balloon finally attained it's 3/4 fill of cold air, and the pilot turned the burners on. The blast is awesome. Effectively scaring the deer, causing it to bound away in fright. We feel the warmth from the burners, toasting our skin making us feel warm even though we were enjoying the cool cuddling on the field. In seconds the "Risky Business" was erect =) and standing tall. Now we get to see it's wonderful colors, all orange, with purple, gold, and red strips along it's equator spiraling upwards in a graceful arc.

David, the pilot motions us to the basket and becons us to climb aboard. I hold you as you lift one of your long beautiful legs over the edge of the basket, and the rest of you follows just as wonderfully. I nearly bound in as I do not want to be far from you for too long. Soon we are settled in the basket and we embrace each other in joy, our mouths pressing firmly on each others, tasting the happiness coming from each other. Your mouth opens lightly,
and my tongue slips between your lips tasting your tongue and letting it dance over it.

Seeing you so happy has done wonders for me. I seem to be smiling more often and my heart doesn't seem to be as heavy. Now we will soon be soaring among the same clouds my head has been in since I've met you. Our kiss is broken by the sound of the burner igniting again, and as we continue to hold each other, the basket begins to rise.

The feeling is not like anything you expected. Unlike the quick and sometimes almost violent rise an airplane gives forth. You notice the balloon has not much motion. indeed it is not like "lifting off" rather it is like the Earth has moved away from you. Not much motion is felt at all. You are overjoyed at the feeling and you are clutched to me looking all around and you turn to me and kiss me again "I am so glad we got the ride." you say to me, and I in turn am glad also for seeing you smile and having your eyes light up with pleasure is
priceless and worth anything to me.

Before we realize it we are around 500 feet up and we can see all around for miles. It is now that you can see the New England countryside in all it's fall dressing. Rolling hills covered with trees, decked out in all their glory. The reds and vibrant golds of the Maples,
oranges and yellows of the oaks and hemlocks. It is as if a painter carelessly spilled his palette of paints, and they splattered all over making a colorful collage of color. Dave maneuvers the airship towards a grove of trees, and you lean over the basket to grab a handful of red Maple leaves from the top of a tree. Soon as you grab it he burns and the balloon rises above the tops of the taller trees.

The smile is so big on your face, and I can feel the joy you have in you. "Your smile means the world to me ." I say to you, and you reply that you have never been so invigorated or happy. I look at Dave and he winks at me, smiles and turns around to leave us to our passions. You see it too and press into me. Your lips once again devouring mine, our tongues lashing each other in a wonderful primal dance of love. I hold you closely to me and I feel your hands slipping down the back of my jeans. I return the action my hungry
fingers massaging your firm rump. You enjoy this and my clue is your pelvis pushing into me, rubbing my hardening cock. I can feel your heat through your jeans, it is warmer than the burner overhead, and much moister. I reach down and pull your zipper down, open the button in front, and allow my fingers to slip inside......

My God are so wet and hot...I have never seen you so wet before. It shows me that you are enjoying my gift to you, and the ride is much more enjoyable than you thought. Our lips still haven't parted. I enjoy kissing you so much. Seems like your lips are like a drug to me. I taste and taste them, still I do not get enough.. more... your tongue aggressively tickling the top of my mouth and mine chasing yours, wanting to enjoy every inch of your mouth.

Your  mouth pauses for a moment, as you feel my fingers on the outside of your panties. Then you press harder as My index finger slides along the front, pressing the silky fabric along your moist valley. My finger slips between your legs, draws upwards, then back out again. I repeat this action several times slowly, feeling you grow wetter with each stroke. Your hips are moving with more vigor with each stroke I make, your legs opening slightly more, hungry for more.....

Your mouth is so tight on mine and your breathing is deep. I am enjoying the pleasure you are having. My finger matches your hip movements, faster and smoother. Your panty crotch is hopelessly drenched, and with one fast movement of your hips and the wetness, my finger slips past your high cut leg band and enters your swollen outer lips. A "MMuummmfff" escapes your still firmly pressed lips as you feel the pleasure of my fingers.

Again my mind reels at the feeling of your dampness, and heat of your womanhood. Your hips regain their movements and my fingers slip back and forth along your wet furrough,
passing your swollen clit. I can feel the hardness on my fingers each time your hips make it pass by my finger. I feel you approaching your moment soon and with each stroke now my middle finger buries it self into your wet pussy.

In and out. Deeper and faster. Your passion unrestrained as I feel your muscles clenching my finger tightly. Your lips finally break free and with a tilt of your head back you exhale a rush of air, and exclaim "Yesssss Fred... ahhhhhhh... Yesssssss". Your lips and muscles clamp on my fingers then and I feel a rush of fluid onto my palm as you cum like I never seen you before.

Slowly I withdraw my hand and lick the juice from it's digits. Smiling to you, we kiss again, and I say "I'm glad you enjoyed my present to you ." And I carefully zip you back up, as we are approaching the landing zone. You remember the pilot and look at me. "Don't worry," I say "He is discrete, and I paid him to ignore us." You look over your shoulder and see that he has on a walkman, and is tending his craft looking away from us completely. You look at me with your eyes sparkling again. And say " Fred. Thanks for the gift.

Just wait until tonight at dinner. Maybe I'll have a surprise for you." Dave calls over his shoulder that we are landing, and we bend our knees slightly for the touchdown. The basket returns to Earth and we climb out wanting to help the crew fold the balloon into the bag. Afterwards the Pilot presents us with a certificate telling all of our flight, and in a balloonists tradition dating back ages, he opens a champagne bottle and we all toast to the return of all aeronauts to the ground again. We drink our champagne, and Dave winks at us, knowing he has another satisfied customer. We in turn hold hands and walk to the
truck, and set course back to the Cabin........

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