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Archive-author: Harden Redy
Archive-title: Utopia

Chapter 1
Days Past

Steve stared intently at the dials on the monitoring board.  Although he knew every inch of the control panel, having been the projects primary designer, The readouts made no sense. "Terry, come here once, will you?" he asked. Terry walked over to the control board. His wife of 15 years, she was also the co-developer on the project. They had both worked on the design for the reactor since before they were
married. They knew the machine as well as they knew each other. Or so they thought. "What's up?" she asked.

"Look at these readouts," he said. "Have you ever seen anything like it before?"
"No," she murmured, recognizing the sound of concern in his voice. "What do you make of it?"
Steve continued to stare at the board. Although he was concerned, he was also just a little bit scared. He wasn't used to his creation doing the unexpected. "The radiation levels worry me a bit. Their not all that high, just not what I'd like to see. It's almost like there is some unknown element causing internal changes to the core. Better tell the night shift to keep an eye on it," he said.

"OK, I'll log it in," Terry replied. "What say we knock off for the day. I could use a shower."

Steve, still unsure of just what to make of the situation, resigned himself to solving the problem the next day. "Fine," he said, "I'll meet you at the car." Leaving the control room, Steve marveled at how far they've
come in the past few years of research. Once the final testing stages were completed they would be ready for a full scale test.

God, he thought, the possibilities then were endless. That was the point of all this after all. The design for this new fast breeder reactor was so simple and appeared so safe that it would finally provide the world with a supply of cheap, clean power. Any country in the world would be able to afford one and upgrade
the quality of life for all its citizens. Creating more fuel than it used would allow the country to build more reactors, even more cheaply, as the need arose. What's more, the fuel was a new type of isotope which could never be used to build weapons. Arriving at the car first, Steve stood, enjoying the feel of the warm sun on his face. He thought to himself, "I would like to thank the Nobel committee for this great honor..." But he also wondered about the threats he had recently received. Terry didn't know anything about them and he wasn't about to needlessly worry her.

Hearing footsteps, Steve turned and watched Terry approach. Even after 15 years of marriage he still found her attractive. Oh, she was no raving beauty, but then neither was he. But they had much in common, both loved the theatre, fine food, working together and each others company. "God, I'm beat!" she moaned. "I could go home and sleep all weekend."

"Now, it's not all that bad is it?" Steve asked. He felt his whole body start to tighten up. This was Friday, the one night, three times a month that they had sex. The project was taking more and more of their time and it had already been two weeks since they had last made love. The thought of going another week was not a pleasant one. She looked at him, knowing that he was probably thinking about sex. "I'll be alright I guess," she said. As he drove Steve started to think about their sex life. It was never as active as he would have liked but, lately it seemed to be getting worse. But he remembered. God, how he remembered...

He was a virgin when they met. But he was oh, so curious. Terry, who was 7 years older than he, had also had a fairly active sex life. Far from intimidating him, it made him wonder even more what sex would be like. After a year of friendship he was beginning to think that he would never find out. Then one evening, while out with a married female friend of his, he and his friend had way too much to drink. She drove him back to his apartment and decided to come up. He wasn't sure why as she had always just dropped him off in the past. The one room efficiency was small by anyone's standards. But as a student it was all that he could afford. He was grateful that he had decided to clean up that morning. Like many bachelors, his place was usually a sty. They both sat down on the edge of the bed, the most comfortable spot in the room.

There was a bit of small talk, and then, suddenly, they were locked in a tight embrace. To this day he can't remember who had made the first move or for that matter if it was mutual, just like in the movies. But at that moment in time all that he was aware of was her. Her upper body was pressed firmly against his
and he felt her wonderful breasts straining for release. The passion that was welling up inside of him was the strongest force that he had ever felt. They kissed. Not a soft, gentle kiss but a powerful, demanding kiss. He felt her tongue against his lips and parted them. She thrust her tongue inside his mouth,
searching for his. They explored each others mouths then, each second of discovery driving him to greater heights of passion.

His hands were shaking as they started to move. He caressed her shoulders and back, expecting at any moment for to find out that it was all a dream. He slowly lowered his hands to her waist and started to pull her blouse free from her skirt. His hands then moved inside, feeling naked female flesh for the first time in
his life. Slowly, slowly his hands moved up as he waited for her to stop him. But she did not. With trembling hands he touched her breasts through her bra. He started to caress them as his heart threatened to explode from his chest. Not knowing what to expect, he was still non the less surprised by their firmness and weight. He had always admired the look of breasts but that was nothing compared to their feel. "The bra, the bra" his mind was screaming to him. "Take off the bra." But having never put one
on he was a little confused on how to take one off. Gently, he pushed the cups up, sliding his sensitive fingers over the exposed flesh as he went. He reached her nipples and dared not breath. They were hard and he gently rolled them between his fingers. Her breathing, too, was now ragged and he hoped that
she was as excited as he was. Her entire breasts were now free and he encased them completely with his hands. Never had he felt anything so wonderful in his life. His eyes were shut tight. He dared not open them for fear that it would all somehow end. And just as he thought this he felt her push him away.

God! What had he done, he screamed to himself. But as he opened his eyes he saw her staring intently at him. He also saw her stand and watched as her hands slowly rose and began to unbutton her blouse. His face felt hot with the rush of blood in his body.

There, in front of him were the first breasts that he had ever seen in real life. And he thought that they were perfect. They moved up and down as she breathed and seemed to have a life of their own. Tossing her blouse and bra on the floor, she looked at him and said "now it's your turn." He removed his shirt and dropped it on top of her clothes on the floor. Then they moved together again. They kissed with even more passion, tongues searching each others mouth as if looking for the soul of life itself. He felt her breasts, naked, against his flesh, her hard nipples pressing into his chest. He slid his hands into the top of her skirt and caressed the full globes of her ass. He was feeling more confident of his movements now even though he had no idea what he was doing.

She slowly started to grind her hips, pressing her pussy against his cock. He couldn't believe the sensation. His cock was harder than it had ever been before. Reaching down, she began to unbuckle his belt. She undid his pants and gently reached inside to grasp his cock. He thought he would scream.

Never in his life had he thought that the feeling of someone else touching his dick would feel so different from when he touched it himself. Gently she started to move her hand, slowly pumping his cock inside his pants. Then she pushed his pants down and began to open her own. He stepped out of his jeans and reached out to grab her panties which he slowly began to remove. She sat back down on the edge of the bed and raised her legs to help. Both now gloriously naked, she stood and they once again embraced. That first feeling of hot flesh upon flesh was one he would never forget, nor would he ever tire of. They ground against each other, each with a need that they could not deny. She lay back on the bed and slowly parted her legs watching him intently. This was still all too new to him and he climbed onto the bed next to her missing her obvious invitation. She turned to face him, their lips gently touching. He lowered his head, kissing gently as he went until he reached her breasts. He parted his lips and took her firm nipple between them. Caressing it with his tongue her nipple got even larger. He used his hand to fondle her other tit. He felt as well as heard a deep moan emanate from her throat as he felt her hands on his head, urging him to sample her other breast with his mouth.

Suddenly, she sat up and in one swift motion lowered her face to his cock and engulfed the first few inches in the velvety wet warmth of her mouth. The action was so sudden, the move so unexpected and the feeling so powerful that he gave a small cry.

Worried that she had somehow hurt him she lifted her mouth from his cock and moved back up his body. He held her face in his hands and kissed her deeply, tasting himself in her mouth. After the kiss, he gently pushed her face down lower, forcing himself to utter the only word that he could. "Please..." he pleaded.
She then realized that she had not hurt him and went back to her task with a passion. She sucked hard and she sucked deep. She nibbled around the crown, and gently tongued the shaft. She took one of his balls into her mouth and rolled it around, then switched and did the same with the other. Then she moved back up to the top of the shaft, and with lips tightly pursed pressed her mouth down over his cock. Slowly she moved up and down, fucking his dick with her mouth. She always enjoyed giving head and knowing that this was his first time, wanted to make it memorable. She marveled at his stamina, then decided that all the wine they has consumed at the bar was allowing him to last.  That was fine with her. She then decided that it was time for his first fuck.

Removing his hot cock from her mouth, she again moved up his body. He had been fondling her tits and ass all the while that she was sucking him and she was as hot to fuck as he was. She lay back and once again spread her legs. He reached out and touched his first cunt. The hair was soft and covered with her
sweet juiced that had started to flow the moment they first kissed. He stroked her softly, and then summoning up all his courage, slowly slid a finger up her cunt. She was wet and felt wonderful. He realized that this meant that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. He worked his finger in and out, then added a second one, opening her up even more and covering his hand with her sweet juices. He had read about a woman's clit and began his search. He never was sure if he found it, but she was. When he touched her clit she arched her back and had one of the strongest orgasms of her life. It shattered through her and left her limp and gasping for air.

Not even sure what he had just done, he slowly removed his fingers from her cunt and gently rubbed around on her pussy. His thoughts were on other things he had read, wondering what he was supposed to do next. There was one thing that he thought she might like, that he dearly wanted to do for her, but had no idea at all how to start. "Just try, I guess," he thought and he slowly lowered his face to her pussy. It took her a few moments to realize what he was going to do, being totally unprepared for it since she knew that he had never been with a woman before. The fragrance of her cunt was overwhelming and he knew that he just had to taste her. He caressed her cunt lips with the tip of his tongue, driving her mad with desire. Pushing his tongue into her cunt, he tried again to find her clit. Just as with his hand earlier, he didn't know whether he did or not. She knew.

He did. She went off again, pushing her cunt up against his face as he tongue fucked her for all he was worth. God, he hoped he was doing this right! As she settled back, reveling in the afterglow she decided
that now was the time to fuck his brains out! She reached down and pulled his face from her cunt and up to her face. She kissed him deeply sucking the tongue that was just deep in her cunt into her mouth. She sucked her own juices off of him, enjoying her own flavor as she gently prodded him into position between her wide spread thighs. Reaching between them, she grabbed his rock hard cock, placing the head at the entrance to her sweet cunt.

She reached further back, and grabbing his balls slowly pulled him inside her hot, wet cunt. They both realized the importance of this moment in time. A man fucking his first pussy. She wanted to make sure he would always remember it and started to use all the tricks that she knew to ensure that. She raised her legs up and clamped her ankles around his back. She tightened her pussy muscles to give him a snug home, wrapped her arms around his neck and slowly started to pump. As he slid into her, he marveled at the indescribable pleasure this simple action could bring. At that moment in time he wanted nothing more than to be lost inside of her forever. He felt her start to pump her cunt up and down his cock and he started to do likewise. Thrusting against each other in a mad race for release he marveled at the feel of her body. He reached down and took one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking on the hard little nub and driving her mad. He reached down with his hands and cupped her ass, helping her pump herself on his cock. All too soon, he felt the unmistakable feeling of his rising orgasm. Gritting his teeth he increased the speed of his pumping and started to come. She recognized the signs and began to use her pussy muscles to milk the come from his body. And with one final, mighty thrust he forced himself deep into her cunt and came. He felt like his whole body had exploded, as he clasped her body tightly against his, daring not to move. Feeling his cum shooting into her clasping cunt, she too came and began to cry at the beauty of the act. The love that they felt for each other, the lust they felt for each other, the passion they felt for each other at that moment in time could never be repeated and they both seemed to know that.

Slowly they relaxed, she dropped her arms to his back and her legs to his sides. His cock softened and popped out of her cunt as he moved to lay beside her. Ever so gently he kissed her, licking her lips and enjoying one final taste. His hand moved down and he gently caressed her cunt, feeling their combined juices slowly seep out of her reminding them both of the beauty of what had just happened. Steve slowed the car, signaled and turned into the driveway of his and Terry's house. And as the automatic garage door closed after him he could not help but sigh, and wonder why it couldn't always be like that first time.
Hearing him sigh, Terry asked "what's wrong?" "Oh, nothing," he said. "Just worn out I guess."


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