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It was a most amazing theater. Circular, its perimeter was a ring of spotlighted alcoves under columned arches, in the style of a medieval church. Also well lit, but less brightly, was the main floor. It was terraced like a small stadium with a round playing field; everyone in it was easily visible, and every surface was heavily padded.

Patrons were lounging, talking, relaxing. But this was no ordinary club, for the only clothing worn was decorative. No one hid their genitals, buttocks, or breasts. They were in couples
or small groups. Some were stroking one another, or masturbating. On the far side of the arena some young couples were fucking slowly on the padded benches.

In each alcove was a woman or man or couple or group, turned on and displaying themselves for all to see. Some were quite frenzied in the passion before orgasm, and as I looked around the alcoves, a few could be seen cumming. I had a rock hard on. Never had I seen so many people enjoying themselves so shamelessly. The performers would orgasm, and soon rejoin the audience, to be replaced by others.

In one alcove, a large closed-circuit TV magnified a plain glass dish. Several men had cum in it, some of whom now lay watching. A girl stood in the center of the alcove, moving slowly, heavily. She was tall with large features, was deeply tanned, and just verging on too-large. A pack of batteries was strapped to her waist, from which a wire led to her nude
completely shaved peach slit. She was breathing deeply, covered with perspiration, her breasts heaving. In the bright lights, a clear glistening trail could be seen running down her thigh and leg. Now she turned the vibrator higher, inhaled sharply and ground her hips forward. Her movement shook the dish on the TV screen so you could see the glittering semen. She leaned back against an elevated platform to steady herself; I was fascinated
by the voluptuous spread of her soft buttocks against the platform, and the delicate jiggle of her large nipples.

She spread her legs apart and we all saw the end of the inserted vibrator. She touched a finger to the contents of the glass dish, and slowly coated in turn her left and right nipples
and their large, dark aureole, then her puffed labia with a liberal coating, then her mouth and lips. From the next alcove entered a couple. The boy had been sucked for quite a while and was about to cum. The girl held his penis over the glass dish, and with a few expert strokes added large drops of his hot semen to the mixture.

After he recovered, the couple rejoined the audience. The voluptuous woman turned up the vibrator again; her spread vagina was quivering at the edge of orgasm. She lifted the newly replenished dish and poured some of its contents on her protruding clitoris, then sipped the remainder to hold in her mouth. The audience drew closer to watch. Her orgasm began with several rapid contractions and a loud groan. She slid lower as she reflexively pulled her knees up, and closed her eyes tightly, her long hair matted against her sweaty shoulders and the cum on her face. The contractions became slower but stronger; she sped up the vibrator for a second, and an incredible squeeze hid the vibrator, turned her anus into a dark puckered tuft, and gushed honey down her buns and onto her thighs. Her nipples were bumpy and rock rigid as her breasts heaved. A creamy trickle on her chin betrayed the liquid she held in her mouth.

Eventually the contractions abated, and she threw her head back, resting on her elbows on the platform. The girl whose lover had provided the last contribution to the glass dish had been masturbating as she watched; now she rose and went to the performer, who was still having mild contractions. Bending forward exposed her finger still rubbing her own clit as she leaned to kiss the voluptuous woman deeply. She was trying to get the cum into her own mouth, but succeeded mainly in covering both their faces with it. As I turned my attention elsewhere, the girl was returning to kiss her lover with now very slippery lips, and the voluptuous woman had turned the vibrator up again and was rising toward another climax.


In another alcove, a well-built blonde was being gang-banged. She reclined on pillows, her arms shackled to the stone wall behind her, knees pulled upward and apart by padded
rings on ropes. Her position splayed her ample breasts, and there was a dark wet area on the padding between her buttocks, so wet it glistened. Like a boxer between rounds, an older woman was wiping her face while another mopped her shaved, swollen vagina. She squeezed hard, ejecting the last liquid over her delicate anus, as the old woman cleaned her and applied more lubricant.

Now into the spotlight walked a couple. His wet erection and her wet reddened mouth spoke of their preparation. The girl held his cock, and moved to sit next to the blonde woman, snuggled against her hip. She led the penis she had fellated so that the tip touched the blonde's clit and rubbed it up and down. The blonde began to respond, which turned the girl on. She held his cock at its base and guided it into the blonde, fucking her
with it as she studied the blonde's reactions. The guy acquired his own motivation, and began to move powerfully, while his girl pressed against the imprisoned blonde to feel her movements, her hand still holding the base of his penis. Soon the girl's face showed she was feeling the throbs of his cumming, and she reached now with both hands to cradle his pulsations while the blonde wiggled against her. Now she urged him to withdraw, knelt and
carefully and slowly licked the juices from his declining penis. The blonde, not having cum, was very hot; when the old women began to wipe her, she motioned them quickly away.

A man with a very large hard-on was next in line. He walked directly to her, put his hands on her knees, and slid easily into her well lubricated opening in one long stroke that filled her vagina and opened her eyes wide. He pumped her so vigorously her breasts bobbed in rhythm. He spoke her name as he tirelessly pumped his massive organ, wet as he withdrew it on each long stroke between her wet and oiled lips. She began to grind her
hips to increase the force even more; her body tensed, her nipples stood out, she strained against her restraints. She yelped as she came, and he stopped for a moment to feel her
throbbing. Then he resumed pumping, she still climaxing. Now, as his face showed he was near orgasm, he pulled out and knelt beside her, pressing his about-to-explode horse cock against her face with both hands. She became even more excited, struggling vainly to reach it with her hands. We watched his cock swell in a final spasm, then pulsating shots of semen hit her face, her hair. He twisted to deposit large dollops on her belly and her
quivering breasts. As his orgasm faded, he milked several drops onto a nipple. Then he bent to kiss her, and as he left the two attendants returned to prepare the still-undulating body for another ride.


Having moved close to observe the action, several of us were crowded together. I felt other bodies; I was realizing the fantasy I have when I purposely rub against women in a crowded saloon. Soft breasts and buttocks brushed my skin, and my erection touched some of them. A woman whose butt my hard-on had pressed against turned and gave it a squeeze, smiled at me, then walked on. I moved beside a short young woman and looked down at ample, well-stuffed bosoms and a healthy sprinkling of freckles in her cleavage. Her nipples were erect; quite small for the size of her breasts and very red, like strawberries. I turned and pretended to accidentally touch her, but as I did she took my
arm and held the back of my hand to her warm belly, pressing a rounded breast into my arm. I pulled her away from the crowd and found a space on the padding, watching her buttocks undulate as I walked behind her.

When we were sitting, she pulled a pill bottle from her bag. They were 'Ludes, she explained, and poured out two of them for each of us. We watched each other's faces as we swallowed them. We talked and touched hands for a while, and then the drug began
to loosen us like a few stiff drinks. We sat facing and reached to one another's genitals. She studied my penis as she held it, looked up to see the expression on my face. A couple next to us were masturbating each other with lubricant; we asked to borrow some. The woman produced a bottle and handed it to the freckled girl, who began to rub some on me.

This woman was a tall, slender strawberry blonde; her long hair was quite disheveled and she was covered with sweat. Her man was a well-muscled middle aged fellow sitting cross-legged with his stout, heavily-veined penis standing proud and glistening with lubricant, bobbing as it throbbed. She stared at the freckled girl with large gray eyes. While her man continued to grip her with his thumb on her clit and two fingers in her pussy, she reached to help the freckled girl grease my penis.

Her hands began to stray, stroking the freckled girl, who closed her eyes and became absorbed in the stroking. Now she pulled the freckled girl to lie beside her, then took my arm and pulled me to lie beyond, facing her and the freckled girl. The woman turned on her side, and her man, who had lost the stimulation she was giving him with her hands, mounted her from behind. I could see on her face when his penis filled her. As she became more amorous, she began to masturbate both of us. Panting a bit, she bent close to the freckled girl's ear. In a husky whisper, she told the girl that she would fill her with my
cock, and that she wanted to feel us cum.

She lifted the girl's leg, revealing her finger on the girl's clit and the girl's swollen vagina. Reaching between the girl's legs, she pulled my cock near the honey-covered pussy and
stroked us both, expertly. She said she wanted to watch my face when I cum, and for me to watch her, and know she was filled with a hard cock. She said she had cum several times on this cock already, but her pussy was squeezing it now, pulsating on it as she spoke, and she was getting hot again. It was having people to feel, she said, to touch as they squirm and spasm in orgasm, that was tingling her. As I looked into her eyes, she moved my throbbing penis into the girl.

I felt the hot wetness sliding over me as I leaned back to fill her completely, the blonde woman's hand now on the base of my penis behind my balls. I could tell the girl had been
fucking; she felt soft and open, already wetted with semen.

The blonde woman was getting quite high, and her face had a look of desperate pleasure. She was looking directly into my eyes, and her hand was pressing warmly and firmly on the base of my cock as she moved me in and out of the ample girl. She lifted her leg high so I could see her man's cock moving in her, and told us she was going to cum on the hard penis that was pumping her, and hoped we would pleasure her with the feeling of our

Her face began to tremble as she was tensing for an orgasm. She urged my cock deep into the girl, and pushed her thumb to the girl's anus. The girl put her arms around me and pulled herself hard against me, and I felt her vagina open and then throb sharply on me. It was all I could take. My cum rose quickly and spurted into the girl. The blonde looked at me as she felt my cock spasming, then half-closed her eyes to savor my throbs as she jerked with the first pulsation of her own orgasm. And as my orgasm continued, I saw the blonde's purple vagina throb on her man's large penis, and then his pulsations, and creamy semen began to seep from her as her eyes released me and slowly closed.
It seemed the two women pulsated in concert, hungry suckling to extract the cream from the firm warm organs filling them.

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