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Archive-author: Heather Dawson
Archive-title: Gary, Mike, and Me


Please, won't you come and join me in a journey through human sexuality. We will explore together, the emotional as well as the physical sides of pleasure. We will encounter people, sometimes fictitious, who have discovered that a total loss of inhibitions can expand ones consciousness. The women, men and all the others we will meet will inspire us to ponder our own sensuality. My stories are sometimes true, directly from my own personal experiences. Some of them are half-truths, and some are fantasies. I will leave it up to you to decide which are which. I sincerely hope that you enjoy our travels together. I
truly believe that you will. And I hope that, out of all of my tales of pleasure, you will stumble on something that will benefit you in your search for sexual freedom within yourself.

COPYRIGHT (C) 1990 - By Heather Dawson - All rights reserved except as provided for herewith: This document MAY BE freely reproduced, or transmitted by any form or any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or information storage and retrieval systems, electronic bulletin board systems, or magnetic media, or other means deemed suitable, providing it is not modified.



I awoke late Friday morning around 11:30am to find the sunlight gently radiating into my bedroom. The glow that illuminated the room inspired me to have my morning coffee while sitting at my window seat on the second floor. As I reclined against the pillows, I felt the rays of sun bathe my naked body in a glorious warmth. I saw the pool man arrive and I watched him unload the necessaries to service the pool.
His appearance left me breathless, he was exceptionally handsome and masculine. Gary, my husband, had been out of town for a week and I was very restless and starved for sex. Seeing the pool man made me crave the endless hours of lovemaking that I was sure Gary and I would share upon his return home.

I knew only that the pool mans name was Mike. His skin was bronzed by the sun, his hair was shoulder length and pulled back into a ponytail. It was the blackest of black that I had ever seen. He was built well,
his arms and legs were muscular and looked very powerful. The tight tan shorts he wore framed a rounded, tight ass, and a bulge up front that made me stir as I watched him lift and carry his supplies to the side of the house.

He usually made it to our house on Mondays and Wednesdays. I was never at home when he was here, so I'd never had an introduction.. Gary had asked him to come on Friday this week because we were hosting a business function in our home the next day, and would be entertaining poolside.

I wanted to get a closer look at him, he was very arousing to me. I decided the best way to get closer was to go on down to the pool and take in some sun. I went to my armoire to retrieve my bikini. As I was tying the top around my back, I tried to imagine what he would be thinking when he saw me in the tiny suit. After I was suited up, I went to my mirror to make adjustments for the maximum benefit...visibility! My image was highlighted by the subtle shadows of my nipples and my pubic hair that the white bikini would allow to
show through.

My breasts are c-cup, and very high on my chest. The straps of the bikini pulled them even higher and made them even more full, my cleavage was exposed and looked very provocative. I wondered out loud,
"why have I always been so intrigued with my cleavage," as I turned sideways to see my flattened belly and rounded ass. They composed perfection against my strong, toned legs and thighs. I adjusted the
thong that ran down the center of my ass so that it was strategically placed in the center of my vagina. The thong skillfully spread my vaginal lips exposing their pinkness. My blonde pubic hair that was exposed was beginning to glisten with the moistness that had begun to seep from deep within me.

I wasn't really interested in having sex with Mike, I just wanted to watch him look at my body. I wanted to see him get a rise in those tight little shorts as he took in my desirability. I liked it when I could dress seductively inducing men to admire my physique. I enjoyed wondering what they were thinking while they looked at me, fantasizing about what they would do to me if they had the chance.

I descended the staircase and walked towards the sliding glass doors that lead to the pool. The marbled floor was frigidly cold and it brought my nipples to full attention. As I felt them become firm, I said aloud, "More for Mike to enjoy!" With that, I slid the door open and stepped out into the open. The noise of the door opening prompted Mike to look around for the source. His eyes caught mine as I gracefully continued my walk around the pool to the lounges.

"Hello Mike, I don't believe that we have had the pleasure of a formal introduction, I'm Heather, Gary's wife." I extended my hand as he was visibly shaken by my appearance. "Hello, I'm glad to meet you, Gary
has spoken of you before but I never imagined that you would be quite so beautiful." Mike was looking deep into my eyes, and I felt the energy begin to build between us. His grip on my hand was strong as I
asked if it would bother him if I sunned myself while he worked. "I hope that it's not an inconvenience for me to be down here while you are cleaning the pool, I don't want to be in the way, so I'll just lie quietly so as to not to disturb you." "It's no problem at all Heather, I'm sure that I would enjoy your company." His hand left mine as I turned to go to the nearest lounge. I felt his eyes watching me walk, so I put a subtle emphasis on the sway of my hips.

I made my way to the lounge that was the closest to him. I wanted to have a good view of Mike, while allowing him to easily see me laying out. I sat on the lounge with my feet still on the ground, I felt the
excitement begin to rush through my body. I decided to go all the way with this whole thing, so I put my hands behind my back to pull loose the strings of my bikini. I looked up at him as my top slid down to my
belly exposing my bare breasts. He was watching me, his eyes alive with pleasure. I let my lips form a soft smile as I returned his steady gaze. He quickly went back to his work.

I laid down on the lounger slipping my bikini bottoms off as I did. My soft blonde pubic hair shimmered in the sunlight, as I felt the warmth of the rays caress my entire body. Mike was still busily focusing his
attention on the work before him, I knew that he wanted to look at me, and I gave him every available opportunity to do exactly that. "Mike, I hate to ask you such a overtly stupid question, but will you please
hand me that bottle of oil beside the diving board?" He turned towards me, and I watched him glorify in the vision of my bare pussy and breasts. "Sure, I think that I can handle that!" Our gaze on each
other was firm as he turned towards the diving board. I watched his ass as it swayed slightly with each pace he took and I felt myself become very aroused. My nipples became rigidly hard as he approached
me with the bottle of oil in hand. "Oh thanks, I don't usually make a nuisance of myself, but I didn't figure that you would mind." Mike just looked at me with a very sexy grin that encouraged me to start up
a more "interesting" conversation.

I took the oil from his hand and popped the top, "I hope that you don't mind me laying out in the nude while you work?" I poised the bottle directly above my left breast and let it drip down to coat my already
hard nipple, he watched as the oil oozed across the topside of my breasts. "Well I guess that you could say that I don't get to enjoy this kind of company everyday, I am certainly not going to tell you to
put your suit back on." He reached towards my breasts and began to rub the oil into my nipple area with moderate pressure. I let my eyes close as I felt his fingers caress the very tips of my nipple. "I
would like to add more oil to you if you don't mind, I love the way your breast looks now, I can only imagine what your cunt looks like with the oil." I opened my eyes to find him staring straight at me
waiting for my reply. My eyes involuntarily closed as I handed him the bottle. What I felt for the next fifteen minutes or so was absolutely luxurious.

I again watched as he held the bottle above my other breast and let even more oil run down onto it. He watched as the droplets intersected with my skin and slid down to my chest. He then squeezed small puddles of oil onto my belly, legs, and the top of my pussy. I felt the warm oil run down the inside of my inner thighs and onto my asshole. He began to massage my breasts and belly with his slickened hands as I felt my body release my fluid onto my vaginal lips. He talked about how wonderful my body was and how much he enjoyed touching it. I said absolutely nothing. He began his decent to my lower body, slowly
rubbing the oil deeper into my skin. I felt his cock getting harder as it was pressed against the side of my torso. He began moaning slightly with each stroke of his hands.

I closed my eyes as he let two fingers slide onto the center of my pussy, I watched him savor the taste of my sweet juices on his fingers after he had felt that I was very hot. I let him massage the oil onto
my pussy as well as my upper thighs. I kept my eyes closed and imagined that what it would feel like if his cock were inside of me and we were making love. His fingers caressed in small circular motions over my thighs, he would then trace lines up to the opening of my pussy and massage my clit. My body was moving gently against his hand while I sighed and moaned in pleasure. I opened my eyes to see him gazing fondly between my legs, he watched as he increased the pressure on my pussy. "I don't think that I have ever seen a more beautiful body than yours Heather, I want to make love to you." His statement was almost in question form. I wondered what he was thinking...he knew Gary was my husband, and I didn't know how to reply.

It surprised me when circumstances were set up so that I didn't have to reply. I looked up at my bedroom balcony to see Gary standing there in his swim trunks. He had a very subtle smile on his face that I knew
well. It suddenly donned on me that he had been standing there watching for quite awhile. "Well Mike, how are you doing on this fine summer day?. Gary said as he waved to me and began to descend the
staircase leading to the pool. Mike jumped franticly, I'm sure he was frightful of what might happen next. "Oh Gary...yes, I have finished with the pool, I guess I'll be getting on my way now." Mike was beginning to move away from my naked body as Gary was coming towards me. "I don't think that there is any reason for you to leave now, I mean, after all, I'm not here to rain on anyone's parade...especially my wife's!" Mike was dumfounded as he searched endlessly for a reply, it seemed as if hours had gone by before he finally spoke out. "I take it to mean that you don't mind what I was doing?" Gary came closer too the both of us.

He looked at me and smiled a glorious smile, then turned to Mike, "Michael, I don't prohibit any man from enjoying Heather's body, I simply like to be there when it comes time for her to be fucked. "You see Mike, Heather nor I believe in going outside of our marriage for sexual intercourse, but I believe full well in letting others watch and participate, to a point, while we do." Mike seemed quite relieved as he started back towards Gary and I, "I'm glad to know that, Heather is a beautiful woman and I would consider it a pleasure if I could see her get a bang from you!"

Gary reached down and pulled at one of my nipples, I let my head fall back and arched my back so that he could show Gary how valid his words were. Gary pulled his trunks off, his cock was already firm with
anticipation. He swung a leg over the chair and me so that his crotch was right in front of my mouth. I leaned to the side to see Mike watching closely. I smiled generously at him and returned my focus to

I took his cock in my hand and lead it to my mouth. Starting at the top, I licked all the way to his balls, increasing the pressure as I went along. Gary's eyes were closed as he began to push deeper into my
throat. Mike came around to our side so that he could get a better view of all that what was going on. I was soaking Gary with my saliva as he plunged deeper into me. He had taught me years earlier that I
have to relax when I performed fellatio, I was quite inexperienced sexually when we first met. His exact instructions ran over and over in my mind just as they always did. I always wanted to do everything I
could to please him. I had to curl my tongue to cover as much area of his dick as I could, and when I felt ready, I should begin the suction from the deepest possible point of my mouth. I also liked it when he
would pump my mouth just as he would my cunt. He would begin short strokes, only allowing the tip of his head to enter my mouth, then pushing deeper into my throat while I sucked him for all that he was
worth. I had to acquire a taste for his come, but before long I was draining every drop from him, and enjoying it every bit as much as only a true a connoisseur could.

Mike had his shorts dropped to his ankles, he was playing with his balls with one hand and pulling at his nipple with his other. I motioned for him to come in closer to Gary and me. Gary watched me as
I removed my mouth from him and began to lick Mikes cock with the tip of my tongue. Mike put both hands on his nipples, he outstretched them and started to twist and pull them. He was looking down at my mouth, his eyes partially closed, as I took him into my throat.

"Oh Heather, I can tell that you like to suck dick, I knew that those luscious lips were created with exactly that in mind." Mike was pumping deep into my mouth, I was sucking him harder with each stroke.
Gary began to move down towards my pussy, I could feel the wetness that had built from our encounter. I knew that I was close to orgasm but I wanted to wait until they could join me.

Gary spoke with a soft voice. "I hope honey, that you are enjoying yourself, Mike seems to be doing wonderfully. While he is filling that precious throat, I think I'll put something in your box!" Gary asked
Mike to hold off for a moment as he helped me off the lounger. I knew what was coming next and I couldn't wait. I felt my legs tremble as I stood to wait for Gary's instructions. "Why don't you get down on all
fours so that Mike and I will be able to take better care of you." I bent over and rested my body on my hand and knees. My ass was arched high in the air so that both Gary and Mike could see the juices
dripping down my inner thighs.

Mike came up in front of me and also got down on his knees. "I like to see you like this Heather, it makes it more pleasurable when I can see your face while my dick is in your mouth." With that I licked my lips
and opened my mouth wide for him to enter me. Gary was behind me rubbing his cock against my pussy lips as I started sucking Mikes cock with great strength. "Heather, your so wet, that makes me know for
sure that you like getting it from both ends!" I felt as if I were about to explode, my legs were trembling with glory and I didn't know how much longer I could hang on.

Gary slid his rigid cock up into my tight cunt and began pumping only the head. He knew that I liked to be teased, and he loved to keep me on edge as to what was going to happen next. I was in total ecstasy,
Gary was pumping deeper and deeper into me and Mike was frivolously fucking my throat. I had been involved with things of the like but never had I experienced such a total release. Knowing that Gary had
been watching Mike and I playing increased my pleasure ten-fold.

Mike began to fuck my mouth with a fervor that wouldn't stop, he was pushing into me just like he would a pussy. "Oh Heather, I am going to cum in your mouth...I want you to swallow all of it!" His voice was
shaky and broken. Gary chimed in as he grabbed the sides of my ass and pulled me harder and harder onto him. "I hope that your ready to go Mike, I'm fixing to blow my top too!" They both were giving it to me
with a force I had never experienced. I looked up at Mike, his eyes were closed tightly as I felt his pressure increase.

I felt my pussy swell and tighten as I tried to hold off just a little longer, but it was no use. I let out a low, deep moan as I felt my cum gush and coat Gary's cock. They both followed my lead and pumped
feverishly...intensifying their plunges with every stroke. Gary's juices rushed forward into me and then began to flow back out onto the ground, while coating both our legs. Mike's juices shot out and
torpedoed the back of my throat. I couldn't hold all of it and so it seeped out and down the sides of my mouth. They both slowed their motions to release all of their fluid into my pussy and mouth. I
tightened my suction on Mike's cock, and my muscles contracted on Gary so that I drained every last drop from them both.

They both pulled out and together they pulled me to my feet. My whole body was shaky from the experience, so my balance wasn't what it usually was. Both Mike and Gary embraced me from their respective sides...they held me for a moment. Gary broke the silence, "Mike, after the party tomorrow we'll probably need another cleaning...why don't you come by around 8pm?" Mike simply nodded in agreement. I looked straight at him winked, and kissed him on the cheek. "See ya then Mike, we will all know each other a lot better after tomorrow least I hope so!" He looked down at me, "I look forward to my next service call, I'll definitely be here!"

While Mike turned and retrieved his belongings and supplies, Gary gently placed a familiar kiss on my nose, and then my forehead. He then reached for my hand, and we began to climb the staircase leading
to our bedroom. "I love you Gary darling, more than you could ever know," I cooed. "So what do you think babe, do you think Mike knows that we have been fantasizing about this day since last summer?", he
inquired. Gary had been away from me for a whole week and I longed to lie naked next to his body. I squeezed his hand gently and said, "Honey, why don't we take a long nap, we'll need to get rested up for
Mikes next service call." We just looked at each other and smiled a very satisfied smile, and laid down to do exactly that.

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