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Hi Boys - I'd like to share with you a very romantic
experience I had. It happened a few years ago but it seems
like last week.......

It was the middle of summer Summer when I walked into a
Broadway near my house hoping to find the perfect birthday
gift for my dad. I didn't realize that I would end up with
the perfect gift for myself.... I walked around the store
with a fraction of me looking at merchandise, and the rest
of me crusing the boys (standard mall procedure). As I
walked passed the mens shirt/tie counter I noticed this
awesome looking boy behind the counter. I tried not to
stare, however, I realized that we had caught each others
glance. Embarrassed that I was caught crusing him, I quickly
turned away. When I looked back a few seconds later he was
smiling at me. I smiled back, then walked away.... "FOOL!"
I said to myself. Go back and talk to him. ...."Naaaa.
It's too late now. He'd probably think I'm a fag...." But
I am a fag, so I waited a few minutes then navigated my
way back to the mens tie counter.... He smiled that same
hart-melting smile and asked if I needed help. I told him
I need a birthday gift for my dad and didn't know what to
get. (A good line to use since now he could spend more
time helping me.) 30 minutes later I walked out with a new
wallet and his name (which I got off his name tag,
Brian)..... The following day I went back again and who do
you think I ran into? BRIAN! This time I told him that I
was just hanging out. We talked for about an hour then I
wondered off so he could help his customers.......

A week later I was looking through my friends brother's
high school yearbook. (A very rich source of eyeball
entertainment.) As I'm flipping through the 12th grade
pages, who do think I see??? Hmmm? That's right. BRIAN!
"WOW"! I exclaimed. I grabbed his brother to ask him if he
knew anything about this awesome teen dream. He just smiled
a weird smile and said "No". ..... Well at least now I had
his last name so I could look it up in the phone book and
get his number....HA!. YES!..PROGRESS!...I did this. His
was the 4th in the list under his last name in the book.
Cool. Now what the fuck do I do with it. I can't call him.
What would I say? I decided to let the whole thing drop
for a few days......

I was living in an apartment at the time with a (very
straight) room mate. It was about 10:00 and I was getting
ready to crash for the night. I looked and felt like total
dogshit from a very long day. ((Picture this: I am
unshaven, hair is thrashed, wearing nothing but underwear,
and walking around half asleep)) There's a knock on the
door. Since my roomate was expecting his girlfriend, I
opened the door.....There stood my friends brother and
BRIAN!!!.....with that same adorable smile.......

To be continued...

Message #46
Subject: Summer Romance -- part 2

Continued from previous post...

Well, this is rotten timing. Of all the nights to
just.... drop in. There wasn't a whole lot I could do
about it NOW though, so I invited them both in. It turns
out that they've been friends in school for over a year.
We all kicked back and talked for about an hour then
Brian and I exchanged phone numbers (even though I
already had his). Although I still wasn't sure whether or
not Brian was into boys, I went to sleep that night with the
biggest shit-eating grin you've ever seen.

The next day I called him. During the course of the
conversation I learned that, while he did have a
girlfriend, he was very interested in boys but had never
been with one. I told him that I would be happy to
introduce him to the "boy" scene. He was delighted at the
idea and so we arranged to get together that Saturday
night for an evening at Odyssey-1. (Those of you who were
privileged to be a part of the Odyssey generation will
probably go into a mental time warp about now...) That
was the longest week in my life. Saturday night finally
arrived, and I picked him up around seven o'clock. He
looked hot! I decided to cruise up the coast toward
Malibu. When we arrived, we walked along the beach by the
water and watched the sunset. Never before in my life had
I felt such romantic energy for another boy. We talked
about family life and family problems, and school and
girls and... whatever. As we stood at the water's edge,
the gentle warm breeze, the last golden rays of the sun
disappearing over the horizon, and Brian standing beside
be made this one of the most intense moments of my life.
I wanted it to last forever....I wanted so much to reach
over and kiss him. But I didn't do it because I still
wasn't sure if he liked me in that way. We walked back to
the car and headed for the Odyssey.

We arrived and entered the disco at around ten o'clock. By
eleven I had to fight my friends (and strangers) off of
Brian. BACK! BACK YOU MONSTERS!... We danced and had a
wonderful time till about one o'clcok, then Brian asked if
we could leave. Since he didn't want to go home right
away, we drove to a country club in the valley which, for
some reason, never locks the gates at night. The view up
there is spectacular, making it a great place to be alone
with someone special. Brian was certainly special to me.
We walked along the green but it was so dark we really
couldn't see where we were going. It was very warm out
that night so we decided to sit down on the grass and
talk awhile. We sat very close and discussed the
evening. He thanked me for protecting him from the
boy-eating mob in the club. We sat there talking for
about a half hour then I asked him what he wanted to do.
He suggested going back to my apartment. Well, I could
hold back no longer. I reached over and kissed him very
softly. As I ran my fingers through his silky smooth
hair, the fragrance of his cologne, and the softness of
his lips, created emotional and physical feelings that
were almost too powerful for us to handle. That first
kiss lasted for what seemed like eternity. We continued
holding and kissing on under the stars until we noticed
that the sun was beginning to rise. Again, he suggested
that we go back to my apartment. I took him home
instead. I told him that in two weeks he would be
eighteen and I wanted to be his birthday present.... Two
weeks later we had a night that made the evening on the
country club green seem mild in comparison....

Thank you Brian. I will never forget you.


He was my best friend, and we had frequent sleep overs. But,
somehow, both of us knew this would be different. We'd been
playing basketball in the back and we were both sweaty and red
from the workout. As we stripped our tee shirts off, I saw him
watching me with an odd look on his face. I didn't know what to
make of it. As we pulled down our sweaty shorts and headed for
the shower, he yelled "me first," and darted past me into the
bathroom. I could hear water running and steam escaped the door
which was left ajar. He seemed to be in there a really long
time, and I yelled, "Come on, dork, let me get in." "You can
come in," he said. Thinking he was through, I went into the
john. He was standing there in the shower with soap all over
his stomach and dick and all, and he was washing his dick with a
little more energy than I thought necessary. It was longer
than I remember it and seemed pumped up. "Get in," he said
nonchalantly, as if this was the most normal request in the
world. "Get in and I'll help you shower." "What are you crazy?"
I asked. "No, listen do it -- don't ask so damned many
questions." I don't know why I used to obey him. I mean, he
really was bossy sometimes, and I don't know why, but I
generally did what he told me too. Just that afternoon, while
we were playing ball, I had to take a leak. I went behind a
bush and pulled out my dick. Then, I looked around and, there he
was, watching. "Let me hold it for you," he said. I thought
that was really strange, but the next thing I knew, he was
holding MY COCK while I was peeing. When I finished, he shook
it and then put it away for me. Anyway, when he told me to get
in the shower, I did it! It was a small stall and our bodies
touched. I still didn't really know what was going on. He took
the bar of soap and began rubbing it on my chest, making a
lather. Weird, I thought, and then his hands moved down to my
belly and he soaped it up. His hands went in a circular motion.
I looked at his face ... Christ we were almost kissing we were
so close. He looked back with a smile and said, "Relax, man,
I'm gonna show you something neat. Just lean back against the
shower wall and close your eyes and ... let it happen." I did
what he said and his hands moved a little lower to the top of
my pubic hairs. He was washing, soaping, pushing, tugging,
fooling around. I should have stopped him, I suppose, but it
was feeling ok, good actually. Now he was soaping my
"thing" ... and like it was ... terrific. His slippery hands
moved around my body, soaping and washing my balls, my asshole,
my legs, and back to my dick. After awhile, he had gotten me
really hard and excited, and he turned around with his tail to
me. "Now, put it in me." "What!" I almost shouted. "Yeah,
stick in inside my ass. That's what this is all about -- I want
you to fuck me." He reached around and started guiding my
thick, hard dick into his asshole. It was covered with soap, my
dick that is, and it slid around his hole ... but his ass was
hard and tight. "Push harder," he said, and he bent over to
give me maximum hole. "First, your finger," he said, "put your
finger in my hole." I touched the outside of his anus opening.
"Oh, that's it. Now push it in as deep as you can." His muscles
resisted, put I was able to pop my finger through and felt the
inside of his ass. "Now do it with three fingers," he said. I
complied. "Now wiggle them around," and I did. He was
moaning, "oh, that feels great." He raised his ass higher in the
air. "Now, replaced the fingers with your cock and slam it
into me. "What the hell, I thought, everything is an experience
.. so, why not? I pushed on my cock, pushed and pushed and ...
it started going in as his asshole muscles relaxed. After I got
through the opening, it went in easily. He groaned, but said
"Don't stop -- now just push and pull, push and pull and make
yourself come in my asshole." "You WANT me to?" I asked,
surprised. "No, asshole -- of course I do." He began grinding
his ass around to help me get into the motion he wanted. And I
began to feel light-headed, like I was going to come. I'd never
come in any way but jerking off ... by myself. This whole
thing was really wild. "Don't stop fucking, he said, gasping.
I picked up the pace again. "I think I'm gonna come." "Yeah,
baby, that's what I want you to do. I want to feel your jism
sliding down my asshole ... there's nothing like it." "Oh,
I'm losing it," I said. "Give up, stop trying to control it.
Come ... NOW, NOW, NOW." he said, grinding his butt against me,
damned near lifting me in the air. "Oh, God, here I go." I
could feel my legs give in a little and I almost fell on him as
I blew off, and it was like supercharged, better than jacking
off alone. We remained in that position for a minute or so, and
then I pulled out of his ass. I was still really surprised. He
stood up, and before I knew what happened, he gave me a deep
kiss and stuck his tongue in my mouth. Then, he looked at me
with a smile and said, "see ... that's what friends are for!"
We both finished showering, with me wondering what tonight would
be like. Shit, this was only the afternoon!!


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