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The two women faced each other in the 15x15 padded cell. No one else was there. They had come to wrestle each other and they were bare except for tight fitting trunks which highlighted the shapeliness of their legs and buttocks. These two females didn't like each other and there was no referee so it was sure to be a tough, no holds barred match. In fact they had come to settle a rivalry and powerful passions drove them together for this encounter.

It looked like a mis-match because the brunette was about 5'6" and 130 lbs while her blonde opponent was 5'2" and 110 lbs. They both looked athletic and strong.

They glared at each other as they prepared themselves to fight. They had shut the doors to the cubicle behind them as they came in. Once in they wasted no time. With no hesitation they came together in the opening wrestling hold. Pulling on each other's neck and arm, they lurched around for a few moments but quickly the brunette twisted her rival into a headlock.

Unfazed, the blonde rammed her fist into her attacker's back hurting her kidney and the brunette let go with a gasp. Immediately the two slapped together, grappling furiously on their feet. The smaller blonde couldn't compete in this style of fighting and the brunette used her size advantage to throw her rival down to the mat. She dove on her downed adversary but the blonde brought up her knee and caught the flying brunette in the stomach. The brunette crashed to the side and both women were hurt. Ignoring her pain, the blonde flopped quickly over on the brunette, going for a pin. The brunette tried to dislodge her and the two rolled over and over on the mat, neither managing to stay on top.

The blonde was showing a remarkable ability to hold her own against her larger rival and it looked like it might be a long fight. What she gave away in size and weight she made up in feistiness. Even now as they rolled about in each other's arms, the brunette couldn't keep her enemy pinned. When the brunette came out on top and was close to getting a pin, the blonde would pull violently on her hair or punch her in the face or chest and manage to dislodge her.

The brunette was determined to bring a quick end to this battle so she was going all out also. Thus the two sexy women bounced and spun wildly on the mat in their furious wrestling. Their shapely legs alternatively flailed widely and then were wrapped tightly together. They used their legs for leverage, to entrap each other and to damage each other. The blonde was especially good at using her knees to hurt her opponent's thighs and, when she could, her belly.

Now they had grasped each other tightly around the neck and were up on their knees, tightly locked. Two of their breasts were tightly squeezed but the others were inches apart. The blonde released one of her hands and grabbed her opponent's free breast, digging her nails in hard. The brunette screamed and tried to push the blonde away but she maintained her grasp of the brunette's neck while she attacked her breast. The brunette then began to punch furiously at her sexy opponent's wonderfully flat belly. That's what was so vicious about this fight -- each female was completely exposed to attack by her opponent.

The blonde rolled backwards and smoothly got to her feet. She gingerly felt her bruised stomach as her enemy got slowly to her feet rubbing her breast and coughing some from the strangle-hold her blonde enemy had on her.

The two women were enraged at each other and though they were both suffering in this fight, they were more determined than ever to continue. Thus after a moment, they waded into each other punching and grabbing anything they could. They fought toe to toe for almost a minute before the blonde got a terrific shot into the brunette's left breast. The beautiful woman gasped and staggered backwards. The blonde rushed her and tackled her around the waist and they both fell to the mat. The blonde scrambled on top of the brunette and began biting her. The two sexy women's bodies were in close intimate contact as they continued their vicious fight. The brunette pulled on the blonde's hair. She
also tried to savage her breast but their breasts were too tightly pressed together for her to get a hold. The two were in an excruciating phase of the fight as they were still fresh and were in tight contact. They undulated, writhed and fought viciously, the blonde remaining on top. Neither fighter cared who was on top -- they only cared about fighting each other and doing as much damage as they could.

In a strange way, all was right with the world for them. They were alone, undisturbed, entwined with each other and free to fight with total abandon. Each was satisfied to feel her opponent's smooth, firm, warm body tight against her own and all they wanted was to fight to a conclusion. 

This close in fighting was taking a terrible toll on both females. The brunette suddenly flung the blonde to the side and then in turn mounted her. The blonde was undaunted by being underneath and continued to try to bite her adversary. The brunette's lovely skin was showing the effects of these bites. The blonde's skin was showing, in turn, the effects of the brunette's strong hands and sharp nails. Each woman's sexy body was totally exposed to the onslaught of her opponent -- it was not a defensive fight at all -- it was hard to imagine it continuing for long without one woman getting seriously hurt.

Like lovers wanting to get ever closer, to fuse their two bodies together these two fighting women wrapped their bodies tighter and tighter together. Lying on their sides, front to front, they gasped and undulated and fought, clawing each other savagely. Both women were exhausted but they wouldn't separate. Hardly knowing what they were doing they fought on.

The blonde, reaching down into a reservoir of determination, almost willed herself on top of her brunette opponent. Teeth barred, she bore down on her enemy's neck. The brunette tried to pull her head away by her blonde hair and for a while they were stalemated. But the blonde, ignoring the pain in her head, bit into her rival's neck and the brunette surrendered. The blonde relaxed her bite but didn't move.

The two exhausted women lay together for several minutes too dazed to move. Finally the blonde dismounted her defeated foe and rose to her feet. The two women looked at each other in silence for a few moments. Then the blonde turned and climbed out of the ring. Her opponent fell back and rested, too tired to move.

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