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Archive-title: Easy - 2

You may remember Easy, that I had met your lady (whose name is also Renee) when she was wearing those great little dolphin shorts and riding her bicycle, and I was out running. We had had a wonderful time that morning, as you may well remember. Well, I was pleased when Renee called, and asked if I would come over and help her with a
surprise. I agreed, and went over to her place.

Renee was looking just great, in a knit tank top, shorts, and sandals. I asked her what the surprise was, and she said "Well, Easy has been asking me to shave my pussy, and I finally decided I would to surprise him. I liked yours from the last time we were together, so I thought you might help me." I said "I will be glad to" also remembering the last time we were together. Renee then said "What do we do first?" I said "Get an old sheet, the cream you use when you shave your legs, and a fresh razor." She did, and then we went into her bedroom.

We spread the old sheet over her bed, and I told her to get undressed.  Taking off her top and shorts she stood in front of me naked, her pretty breasts standing out. She said "Renee, I'd feel more comfortable, if you were undressed too," so I took off my clothes
too. She came over, gave me a little kiss, and rubbed my pussy with her hand saying "Oh, I can't wait to look like that." I told her we would need some scissors, so she got them, and then I told her to lay on the bed. She got on the bed, leaned back and spread her legs,
she was so beautiful laying there, it was all I could do, not to start kissing her, and making love. I got a comb from her dresser, and began combing her pubic hair, as I cut it with the scissors.

Renee laughed and said it tickled. I carefully cut all the hair so that it was about a quarter of an inch long. I told her that it would make it easier to shave if it was already short. I got a warm face cloth, and placed it on Renee's mound, to soften up the remaining hair. She smiled, and "Said, ohhhhh! Renee, that feels quite good." I removed the cloth, and put the shaving cream all over her pussy. Starting at the top, and the sides between her legs, I
worked toward her slit. When I got to the hair on her pussy lips, I pulled the skin from the side to stretch it, and very gently shaved the last of the hair off. I took the wet cloth, which was cool by now, and removed the last of the shaving cream. I got some lotion from Renee's dressing table, and gently rubbed it over her pussy.

I was starting to feel even more horny, so I let my fingers stray into her slit, and I started massaging her clitoris. As Renee started to utter little pleasure noises, she lifted herself up on her elbows to look at her now cleanly shaven pussy. "Oh Renee", she said, "it looks so beautiful, I just know Easy is going to love it. In fact, that is the surprise." As she finished saying that, her closet door opened the rest of the way, and out stepped Easy, wearing nothing but a big smile. He had his hand on his hard cock, and it looked as if he had been masturbating a bit. "Hi Renee", he said " I hope this isn't a shock, but my Renee and I enjoyed the last time you were here so much, we though we'd try it again." Renee said "Look Easy, isn't it beautiful, I'm so glad you wanted me to do this." I stood back as
Easy walked over to the bed, and leaned down to give Renee's pussy a close look. "Yes it is nice", he said, and then he gently kissed it.
Renee still a little warmed up from my rubbing her, started to squirm as Easy ran his tongue up and down her slit. I got on the bed with her, and started to massage her breasts, as Easy sucked and licked even harder. Renee said "Ohh Renee, I want to taste you." So I laid down next to her, Easy stopped licking her pussy and she got up and knelt over me. As her tongue slowly ran up and down the length of my slit, and slowly opened me, waves of pleasure started to build. As she spread me, her tongue found my clitoris and a shock went through my body. Easy took advantage of the fact that Renee had her bottom
sticking up in the air, so he slid his hard cock into her wet pussy.

His movements in and out of her forced her head to push into my pussy, turning me on even more. I orgasmed for minutes, the waves of pleasure swept up my body. With Easy still moving inside Renee, I got up, moved behind them, and reached under to massage Renee's clit, as I did, my hand also brushed against Easy balls. He moaned with pleasure as I did that, so I continued to do both. I had not touched a man for several years, but I was caught up in the pleasure of the situation. Renee started screaming that she was coming, so I massaged her clit even more vigorously, and as she was at the height of her orgasm, I felt Easy tense up as he started to have his orgasm and I felt his balls tighten as he shot his load deep into Renee.

We all relaxed in the afterglow, with both Easy and I kissing Renee, sometimes on the lips and sometimes on that now beautifully shaved pussy of hers.

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