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Archive-name: 3plus/coworker.txt

Let me begin by introducing myself - my name is Howie and I work for a large
corporation (which will remain anonymous). My job is not the most exciting.
It's usually the same thing day in and day out. That is...until one day.

There's this girl I met one day at work named Debbie. She is a real looker
as they say. Our relationship was purely casual. She was a secretary on
the third floor and I was an engineer on the first.

One day she asked me if I could help her out with setting up a new computer
for her boss (how she acquired this responsibility I'll never know). Anyway,
since I really did like her, I told her I'd help out - but after work (I had
my own responsibilities).

At 5:30 I met her at her desk and she led me to the third floor office of
her boss, Mr. Johnson.

As it turned out her boss was away on a business trip (otherwise we would
not have been allowed to do any work in his office until later that evening
when he went home).

As we got into the office I couldn't help but to notice how great she looked.
She was wearing a short skirt, white blouse, and black shoes and stockings.
She bent over to pick up the manuals and my heart nearly stopped.

She turned her head while she bent over and saw that I was "taking in the

I nearly fainted at the thought of getting caught staring at her. My
embarrassment soon ebbed, however, as she put her hands on her butt and began
to squeeze her ass cheeks. She did this while she was still bending over.

She didn't say a word as I reached over to close the door. I sat on top of
"Old Man Johnson's" desk and continued to stare at her ass.

She slowly pulled her skirt up and exposed her ass to me. She was wearing
black pantyhose and no panties. Her ass looked great as she continued
massaging it with her hands.

Without a word she stood up and unzipped her skirt. It fell to the floor
around her ankles. She stepped out of it and came toward the desk.

She leaned over and unzipped my fly, then undid my pants, and finally pulled
them down and off. She began to massage my already erect penis through my

It didn't take long before my shorts were on the floor also.

She began to lick the tip of my shaft while it throbbed in perfect rhythm to
my quickening heart. She cupped my balls with one hand while she held my
dick with the other.

She began to suck my dick harder and harder. It wasn't too long before I
shot my cum into her mouth. She moaned with delight as she tasted it and
swallowed every drop.

We both stood up and I led her over to the desk where I had been sitting.
Her legs looked great with the black pantyhose still covering them. I undid
her blouse and removed it, and then removed her bra. Her breasts were large
and firm and her nipples were erect.

I began to suck her nipples and she began to moan. I squeezed her ass
cheeks while she sat on the desk. I cleared a path on the desk and she
laid down on it. She started to remove her pantyhose but I stopped her. If
there's one thing that turns me on it's a girl with great legs and nylons.

I bent over and put my face between her legs. I began to lick her nylon
clad legs and pussy. her pussy tasted sweet even through the nylon. I got
hornier and hornier until I could take it no longer. I reached over and
took the scissors from the desk. She stared at me in amazement (and maybe a
little fear) as I brought the scissors down between her legs. Her fear eased
up as she realized what I was doing. I carefully cut the cotton panel out of
her pantyhose (being careful not to run them). When her pussy was exposed
I brought my tongue back down on her and began to lick her pussy again.

I couldn't hold back any longer. I stood up, held her legs straight up, and
plunged my dick into her cunt. I pumped harder and harder bringing us both
to climax.

As I was about to cum I pulled out of her pussy, turned a little, and shot
my hot cum on the picture that was on the desk. We both laughed at the sight
of Old Man Johnson and his family covered with sperm.

It didn't take long for my dick to get hard again. I turned her around and
she bent over the desk. I stuck my dick back in her pussy so I could lube
it up with her "natural juices." She probably wasn't aware of what I
intended but it was soon obvious as I pulled my dick out and pressed the head
against her asshole.

She reached across the desk and pulled a tube of KY jelly out of her purse...
just in time as I was about to drive my dick home. I lubed her asshole with
the KY and again pressed my dick against her asshole. She grunted a little
as the head of my penis penetrated her bung. After the head was in I didn't
hesitate to drive my entire dick up her ass (this made her grunt again).

I couldn't believe that I was butt fucking a girl that I hardly knew - and
in her boss' office!!!

Her asshole clenched tightly around my cock as I fucked her through the
convenient hole in her pantyhose (where the cotton panel used to be). I
squeezed her ass cheeks as I continued pumping. As I began to climax I
pulled out and shot my load on Old Man Johnson's name plate that was on his

I moved around his desk and sat down in his chair, exhausted.

Debbie opened up her purse and remove a small package and a large strap-on
dildo that had to be 10 inches long. I was curious about what she was up to
but I didn't say a word; I just watched.

She opened up the package and pulled out a pair of black pantyhose. She took
the scissors and cut out the cotton crotch panel. She then made a quick
phone call (telling someone that we were ready). She knelt down beside me
and removed my socks and shoes.

Strange as it sounds, what happened next got me even more excited. Debbie
began putting the black pantyhose on me! After she got them up to my knees
she had me stand up so she could pull them up all the way. She made sure
to put my cock through the hole where the cotton panel used to be.

She then put on the strap on dildo and finished doing so just as there was a
knock on the door. The knocking almost gave me a heart attack! I
practically dove under the desk as Debbie opened up the door.

My fears were soon relieved as Janine (a coworker of Debbie) walked in. With
no more than a quick "Hi" she closed the door and began removing her clothes.

Janine was a beautiful girl with black hair and dark skin. I had often
admired her tits and great legs in the hallway.

It was more than obvious that I had been set up (not that I was complaining!).

After Janine undressed, she was wearing only her bra and a pair of black
pantyhose. She sat down on the desk all the while staring at my throbing

Debbie walked over to the desk and deftly removed the cotton panel from
Janine's pantyhose also. Janine laid back on the desk and Debbie plunged
her face into Janine's crotch. As Debbie licked and sucked Janine moaned
louder and my cock throbbed more.

Debbie then stood up and rubbed the head of the strap on dildo on Janine's
crack. I stood and watched, waiting and hoping for my turn to screw Janine.

When Debbie finally plunged that huge dildo into Janine, Janine let out a
squeal. It was obvious that Janine was getting what she wanted.

I finally got some action. Debbie beckoned me over to the desk as she
continued to dildo-fuck Janine. I got on top of the desk and Janine began
sucking my cock as she rubbed my pantyhose-clad legs. I was never so aroused
in my entire life. I was hoping that I wouldn't cum before I got my chance
to replace Debbie in the "Janine-Fucking Department."

Debbie pulled out of Janine and led my face over to where the dildo had been.
Janine's crotch was hot and wet as I began darting my tongue in and out of
her pussy. I began rubbing her legs the same way that she had rubbed mine.
Janine reached down and forced my face into her crotch harder and harder. I
reached up and pulled Janine's tits out of her bra.

Debbie the began licking my asshole while she stroked my cock. I though I
would cum then and there. Before I came Debbie stopped licking and stroking.
I then felt her rubbing something on my asshole. It didn't take long for me
to figure out what she had in mind. While I was still bending over and
sucking on Janine's pussy, I felt the head of the dildo press against my
asshole. Before now I would never have allowed this to happen, but I was
caught up in the heat of the moment.

Debbie then managed to insert the head of the dildo into my ass. The
excitement that I felt was greater because of the thought of the dildo being
up Janine's pussy only moments before.

Moments after the head was in my ass Debbie rammed the entire 10 inches up my
ass. The pain seared in me but the pleasure more than made up for it. I was
actually enjoying getting butt fucked! I groaned in rhythm to the pounding
that Debbie was giving me.

After a couple of minutes of reaming Debbie pulled my face out of Janine's
crotch and led my dick over to where my face had been. I plunged my dick
into Janine's waiting pussy while Debbie continue to fuck my asshole. I
pulled Janine's legs straight up and began licking her toes (which frankly
tasted great mixed with the nylon of her pantyhose).

The orgasm I had was probably the best ever. I pulled out of Janine and shot
my wad clear across the desk and onto the old man's leather chair. As I was
cumming Debbie pulled out of my asshole and I thought I was going to shit
right on the floor. Luckily I didn't.

I felt the time was right for me to orchestrate for a change. I remove the
strap on dildo from Debbie and helped Janine put it on. I helped Janine get
up and helped Debbie onto the desk. I led Janine's face into Debbie's crack
and watched as Janine lapped up Debbie's juices. Thoughts of inviting one
of MY friends over crossed my mind (imagine both girls getting butt fucked
at the same time!) but I was too selfish and wanted to enjoy them all to
myself for as long as possible.

It took a while but my dick finally got hard again. the time was right for
a little more action. I pulled Janine's face out of Debbie's crotch and
re-lubed Debbie's asshole. I then led Janine over to Debbie's crack and she
stuck the dildo into Debbie's asshole. When she began pumping I lubed up
Janine's ass and figured I'd "have a crack at it."

I stuck my dick up Janine's tight ass while she continued pumping Debbie's.
The sight of both girls getting butt-fucked and of three pairs of pantyhose
covered legs was overwhelming. If I hadn't cum so many times already I'm
sure it wouldn't have taken so long then.

After a while I began to feel the cum welling up inside my dick. I pulled
out of Janine's ass and got up on the desk. I squatted over Debbie's face
so she could lick my ass. I then pulled Janine's face onto my dick. Janine
gave me head while she pumped away at Debbie's asshole.

I shot my load down Janine's throat finally and got off of the desk, exhausted.

Silly as it sounds, we all got dressed after that, cleaned up the old man's
office, and went out to dinner. It's strange how little we said to each
other while we were fucking, but we talked up a storm at the restaurant.

I'm sure that the three of us will get together again some time (but probably
not at the office). The only question is...should I invite my friend Bill?
Nah...but I wonder if my friend Rachel would be interested.

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