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When I was a junior in High School, I finally got a date with a girl that I had been after for quite awhile, M. M was a Senior, a little shorter than my 5'9", and had perhaps the largest breast of any girl I'd dated before her, or have since. They were marvelous -- very perky
breasts that, in profile, reminded me of ski jumps...

On our second date, we went to an Italian restaurant hidden in a nearby small town, definitely not the kind of place you'd look for good food in Indiana. But, it came recommended from a friend of ours, so we stopped there and asked for a table. Being that it was a Friday night, we had to wait around 30 minutes for one of the ten or eleven tables to open up - we hadn't thought of reservations.

So, we walked through the retail district, window shopping at some crafts stores, etc., At least, she was window shopping. I, on the other hand, was walking on the side of her closest to the street, and whenever we stopped in front of a store, the light from inside passed through her white silk blouse, silhouetting her beautiful breasts. I could see the outline of her nipples and the surrounding area of raised areola. To say the least, I was excited. Luckily, my loose pants concealed my stiffening member.

Eventually, we had to return to the restaurant, much to my disappointment. We sat at the only table near the front window, where we could watch the passersby on the street and the people in the restaurant. (We had, on our first date, already spent a considerable amount of time people watching -- trying to decide how strangers were feeling based on their actions. It was a lot of fun for us.)

The antipasto arrived, and we ordered some small main courses. The evening was certainly off to a pleasant start. Then, in the middle of our conversation, I felt a very pleasant, distinct touch on my leg. Looking down, I saw her bare foot sliding up and down my right calf. Just this touch was so sensual as to cause me to become extremely aroused.

I look across the table into her eyes, and tried to say "Wow thanks" without using words. She must have heard me, because her foot left my leg to concentrate on the bulge between my thighs. Then, she said, "I hope you weren't planning on ordering any"

I nearly lost it right then -- how much could a I take? But, somehow, I managed to utter something clever that pleased her, and our plans were sealed. The rest of the meal passed in a blur. The next thing I knew we were walking through this town with our arms around each other, and I didn't know where we might be going. Now, she lived only about 5 minutes from here. In fact, the church that she had gone to with her parents was only 2 blocks from the restaurant that we ate in.

Eventually, we did come to the church, and she led me up the walkway to it, much to my surprise. "What are we doing here?" I asked. "Getting ready for dessert," was her reply. By this time she was opening the door, which I later learned she knew was always left unlocked. We walked into the sanctuary, and I turned her into me, holding her in my arms. We kissed, and her mouth seemed to be on fire, it was so arousingly hot. My hands found her breasts through her blouse, and she responded by grinding her pelvis firmly against
my groin. Encouraged, I undid one button after the other of her blouse.

When my hand returned to her breast, I found the softest, smoothest skin imaginable. Her breast was full and heavy, and her nipple was stiff and attentive. I thumbed at her nipple and rubbed her areola slowly, causing her to cry out. Since our kiss was finally broken anyway, I lowered my mouth to her neck, kissing at first near her ear, then down to her collarbone. Sensing what was coming, she fastened her hands to the back of my head and urged me downward.

Not being one to resist, I began kissing first the upper slopes of her big breasts, and then sucking on her right nipple while massaging her left. She arched forward, forcing as much of her breast as possible into my mouth, which I sucked on vigorously. She responded by removing her hands from my head and instead undoing her slacks. Now, this wasn't the
first time I'd done this sort of thing, but it sure seemed like it. I'd never been so excited in my entire life.

When her slacks fell away, revealing the tops of her white stockings and her pink underpants, I nearly had an orgasm in my pants. My erection seemed to vibrate with a sort of electric charge. Noticing my tension, her hands moved to my pants, stroking the outline of my bulge. "Please," I whispered. Needing no further invitation, she opened the snap on my pants, and her lovely hands entered the sanctuary of my manhood. Sliding away
my underwear, she gripped my shaft tenderly yet firmly, stroking me. I nearly cried out, the feeling was so great.

She then did something that astounded me. She lowered herself to her knees. Thinking that we were laying down, I began to follow suit, but she stopped me. Slowly, she took my penis into her hot mouth, pumping the base of my shaft with her hand while her tongue
played over the head and shaft.

She applied a powerful suction, and I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to keep standing up no matter how much I tried. She finally released me just as I was nearing a real build-up, and motioned for me to join her on the church's rug. Happily, I complied.

Sitting next to her, I kissed her passionately, tasting a trace of my perspiration in her mouth. My hands wandered over her chest and groin, finding the wet spot on her panties that encouraged me to further action. Putting an arm around her shoulders, I lowered her to the carpet. Our eyes locked, and she seemed to be urging me to take her immediately.

However, I had a payback in mind for her wonderful head job. I removed her panties, sliding them down her smooth legs, and I was completely taken aback by the beauty of her
pubic mound. Her sparse dark hair covered her lips enough for them to remain mysterious, yet revealed them sufficiently that they could tease me by being covered with a thin sheen of her love juices. It was a matter of enormous self-control for me not to mount her immediately. Pushing on her upper thighs while massaging them, I spread her legs, revealing more of her swollen lips.

I could barely spot the tiny bulge of her clit, peeking from behind her lips. I began kissing her thighs, working my way up, when she asked "What are you going to do?" "Eat my dessert," was my reply. She gasped and said, "You want to?" I answered by planting a soft kiss at the apex of her thighs. Immediately, she began squirming, as my lips found hers, and my tongue massaged her clitoris. She was bucking and moaning, and to keep her still, I scooped up her butt in my hands, and held her to my mouth. I was lapping at her vulva, and, when she seemed as if she was 100% excited, I inserted my tongue into her vagina.

The dam broke, her fluids soaked my mouth and even got in my nose, but I didn't mind. The sound of her whining from deep inside her chest was enough to keep me down there forever. Eventually, she relaxed, and so did I. I sat up, looking at her on the floor, her breasts heaving as she tried to catch her breath. She smiled at me in an expression of pure happiness, and said "Oh, thanks!" I just chuckled and shrugged.

She looked at me more seriously, and one of the hands that I had become acquainted with earlier found my member again. Pulling, she led it to her opening. I lay on top of her, kissing her ears while her thighs opened beneath me. She hunched up, and with her hand
guided me into her love canal. She was so soft and wet that I felt as if I had slipped into the most sensual orifice in the universe. I could feel her on every side of me as we slowly moved in and out.

Her breathing became ragged again, and she left more than one mark on my chest from her love bites. She began to speed up, and I stopped restraining myself too. Together, our bodies worked faster and faster, me probing the depths of her womanhood, and her massaging my tool toward an explosion. At last, she began to orgasm, her muscles clenched around my penis, massaging it further. She writhe underneath me, clenching at my back, her feet in the air. She was groaning. This was too much, I immediately began squirting a huge load into her I was bucking and humping, and coming like never before.

At last, it was done, and I slid out of her. We lay there for awhile, and eventually we began to slowly get dressed.

She told me that when she went to church there two days later, there was still a slightly dark spot on the carpet near the entrance. She told me that she had had to masturbate during church when she saw that. She said she had rubbed the corner of her bible against
her clitoris, through her dress. Too bad, I didn't get to go to church with her then, eh?

She and I had more encounters than this one, but this one truly defined our sexual relationship. We tried many other oddball locations, but none of them still have the same effect on my as just seeing that church does. :)

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