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Archive-name: 3plus/2grlfant.txt
Archive-author: Mark O. Zorro
Archive-title: A Man's Fantasy about Two Women

I have been thinking much about Dianne lately. You see, she is a very beautiful single woman, very open sexually, and very caring for others (it is difficult for a man, and some women, to resist such a combination). I met her several months ago -- of all places -- in the waiting room of my dentist, where she shared with me her business (which is of no relevance to this story). My wife, Kristin, and I decided a few weeks later to join her business venture, and because of this association we have since developed a
very close friendship with Dianne.

Kristin apparently has also of late been thinking a lot about Dianne. The signs are obvious -- daily phone calls, visits to her apartment, her name being brought up in our conversation, etc. Last week, Dianne and Kristin went backpacking by themselves to the local wilderness area while I kept our two kids at home (it is important for my wife, a financial planner, to get away from the daily grind and enjoy her friends apart from me)....

Last Friday, Dianne called me up and wanted me to meet her for lunch at our favorite restaurant. After a light lunch with some equally light but strangely forced conversation, Dianne looked into my eyes with a look that I've never seen before, a look of fear combined with a look of desire, and asked, "Mark, it is difficult for me to say this, but I have fallen in love with both you and Kristin."

I didn't know how to respond to this. On the one hand, my sexual desire for her was burning bright, and I got excited about what was soon to transpire, yet her simultaneous love for my wife confused, scared, and intrigued me. What could I say? I looked at her for a moment, and without thinking I said, "Does Kristin know your feelings for her? As far as I know, Kristin is straight, and has never in our relationship stated anything to the contrary. All I know is that my desire for you is very strong, and that I have wanted for several weeks to make love to you."

"I know about your feelings for me," Dianne replied, "I could see it in your actions, in your words, and in your eyes. And my feelings for you are just as strong. Kristin knows about my love for her and for you, and she is in love with me as she is in love with you. It was during our backpacking trip that we expressed our love for one another."

I didn't know what to think, I was really confused by my feelings. "But why are you telling me this? What do you want from me if you and Kristin are lovers?" I asked.

Dianne replied, "Kristin wanted me to tell you these things if I felt from our conversation that it would not damage your marriage relationship -- she wants me to tell you that she still loves you deeply. She has known for awhile that you were infatuated with me. You know, women can see these things. I desire you so much and I want to make love to you. Let's go back to my apartment and there we can enjoy one another and talk more about this crazy situation."

Making love to Dianne that afternoon was heavenly. Her body, though short, was well proportioned, more like a 21 year old rather than her real age of 35. Her breasts were not large, and not small, but were of the right size, firm and did not sag one bit -- taking her brassiere off, which was a low-cut front snap design, was an experience I'll never forget. When I cupped her breasts in my smallish hands, I wished that I could become her brassiere so I could cup her breasts all day. And Dianne was sexually free, boy, was she
free. She was even more open about her sexuality than Kristin, and Kristin has always been a tiger in bed.

What was even more surprising to me was that my sexual excitement was greatest whenever I fantasized my wife Kristin making love to Dianne while I was watching. In these fantasies, Kristin and Dianne totally shared their bodies -- there was no inhibition of any kind. The number 69 appeared often in my mind. And I imagined my throbbing, erect penis being inside Dianne's vagina from the rear, while Kristin, my beautiful wife, was in front massaging Dianne's clitoris and sucking on her breasts, and that Dianne was massaging Kristin's swollen clitoris. And I imagined that we all came to orgasm at the same time this way. What a fantasy!

After one hour of sheer erotic sex (I have never made love to a woman who could have several strong orgasms in a row like Dianne could), we lay together exhausted. I asked Dianne, "When did you and Kristin first make love?"

She said, "During our backpacking trip. It was cold, and we were close to each other in our sleeping bags. And we just talked, and slowly we got closer, more intimate, touched each other more, and finally we were making love. Kristin said to me afterwards that that was the first time she ever had sex with a woman. She never consciously realized before that she was bisexual, although she said that she recalled having strong feelings for other women before. Her greatest fear was that you would reject her for being
bisexual and for making love to me."

I said, "If she made love to a man, I would have been jealous and a little angry -- I'm sounding a little hypocritical here -- but the thought of her making love to another woman, especially you, excites me, and I don't know why. Maybe most men would be turned off and very angry if they were faced with this situation, but I'm not. I really would like to watch you and Kristin make love and I want to share in your lovemaking, for I want Kristin to be happy and I know that you and I can sexually fulfill her in ways that I cannot alone." Dianne smiled, hugged me, gave me a dreamy kiss, and said, "I would like that. I love you. And tell Kristin when you see her that I love her, too."

When I came home in the evening, it was, suffice to say, a very unusual conversation. I told Kristin that I was with Dianne that afternoon, that we made love, that I knew about Kristin's love affair with Dianne, that I am not angry or jealous, that I loved both of you, and that I would like all three of us to make love to one another. Kristin was quite taken aback by what I said, but she quickly recovered with a look of anticipation and desire that I have never seen in her before. Kristin then said, "Let's send the kids to my
mother's for the weekend, I'll think of a good excuse, and invite Dianne to stay with us." I agreed to this, we called Dianne, she readily agreed and we were all excited. Needless to say Kristin and I made passionate love that evening and we later talked very openly about the different ways we could make
love together with Dianne.

....Watching two passionate women, who love each other, mutually gratify their sexual desires is something that every man should see -- and I'm not talking about those loveless scenes one sees in most X-rated films. Men can learn an awful lot about how to please a woman sexually by watching how a
woman does it to another woman. After all, who knows more about a woman than another woman?...

Kristin and Dianne were obviously very much in love with each other. You could feel the passionate heat they generated even before they touched each other. They made me sit in a chair while I watched them in bed. They each wore a negligee, and I could see the outlines of their breasts and of their black triangle of hair where female sexuality resides. They obviously loved the way they were dressed, since they looked at each other just as I was looking at them. They started with slow kisses, which became more passionate as time went on -- it seemed like an eternity. Their hands, which started out being fixed on each others back, became more and more mobile. There was no part of their bodies that their hands did not touch. Kristin, my beautiful wife, was gasping at every caress given by Dianne. Dianne, being very turned on by now, loosened Kristin's negligee and took it off, gloriously revealing Kristin's body to both of us. "Your breasts are so beautiful," Dianne said, "please let me kiss them." Kristin pulled Dianne's head to her breasts and moaned "more" as Dianne eagerly yet tenderly licked them.

Dianne then broke the kisses, got on her back, and told Kristin, who was sitting upright on her knees, to move forward until her vulva was near Dianne's mouth, as she has done for me several times. Dianne eagerly thrust out her tongue to Kristin's moist clitoris, and licked and kissed and sucked it in a way I've never done for Kristin before. You could see Kristin's body slowly swaying, like a pendulum, which started to speed up as Dianne speeded up her tongue motion. Then, in a frantic way that I have never heard Kristin say, she said, "Please... more." At that moment, Dianne inserted one finger into Kristin's vagina and another finger from the other hand into her anus and began to earnestly and rhythmically bring her down the home stretch with her tongue and lips and fingers. Kristin exploded into a orgasm that I have never seen in any woman before, even Dianne on Friday. She gasped and fell limp on the bed, exhausted, and content. I was in awe.

As Dianne was slowly caressing Kristin during her short time of recovery, my passion arose to a height I've never felt before. I walked over to the bed, took my clothes off (so I could relieve the pressure of my
super-erect penis) and got on the bed next to Dianne and started to kiss her. I helped Dianne take off her negligee, revealing her beautiful breasts with very hard and erect nipples; I could feel the animal heat emanate from her vagina, begging for satisfaction. She then took hold of my very hard penis and began to rub it firmly, and then went down on me and began to lick and suck it. I could feel the moistness around her mouth, no doubt from Kristin's vaginal juices. Dianne then completely inserted my penis into her mouth as far as it could go and really began to suck. It was a beautiful experience. As I approached an explosive orgasm, but before it was too late, she let go of my penis, leaned back on the bed, with her beautiful breasts pointing majestically upward, and begged Kristin to come down on her.

Kristin, whose passion was beginning to come back again, got on her hands and knees and began to lick Dianne's clitoris with her tongue. Kristin, being very flexible, had no trouble with this position. Kristin's
super-swollen vulva revealed itself to me in all its splendor in this position, which I could not resist; I entered Kristin from the rear, reached around her to massage her swollen and moist clitoris and her erect nipples. When I did this, my wife began to moan, and increased her tempo on Dianne. Dianne began to moan wildly, too, and Kristin reached up to cup Dianne's breast and knead them vigorously. For one minute this went on, and as I approached ejaculation, Kristin sensed that, quickened the pace, and brought Dianne closer to ecstasy. We all reached climax at about the same time. My orgasm was the most intense I have ever experienced. I felt as if I filled Kristin up to the brim.

This did not end here. Kristin continued her oral caress on Dianne's clitoris in the most loving, tender, and yet vigorous manner, and from this very delicious stimulus, Dianne had four more orgasms in the next few minutes; each orgasm was more intense than the previous one. Her last orgasm was so intense and obviously so pleasurable that Kristin broke down and cried for Dianne in happiness. We all then fell into a long and dreamy sleep, snuggling close together, to recharge for another round several hours later (I'll spare you the details of our subsequent lovemaking, except that it was even better).

Many would say that nothing good could ever result from a bisexual menage a trois such as ours; however, Kristin's and my love for each other was enhanced by this experience (which, by the way, never happened again with Dianne, for reasons that will remain unsaid to the outside world). I also
learned how to become a better lover to Kristin, since my teachers were two beautiful women who passionately loved one another and understood one another in ways that men can never fathom.


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