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Three's Definitely not a Crowd

I woke up at my usual time, with a dick harder than Chinese arithmetic. I went to the bathroom hoping that that was all it was, but of course after I finished it was still there, pointing the way, forward, attack, and all other sorts of things that came to mind. But being between lady friends I was left with only one course of action, and remembering an old motto "Never waste a good hard-on" I laid across the bed and proceed to jack-off. After about maybe five minutes of good diligent hammer pumping I was real close to finishing the problem once and for today, or just maybe the morning, but just about there I heard one hell of a racket coming from the patio across the way from mine, and bang soft as a noodle. I got up and wondered to the sliding door that led to my patio, forgetting for a moment that I was naked, to see what or who was causing the commotion.

Across the way was a little blonde in a two piece swim suit that left very little to the imagination, beating the shit out of her sliding door. I walked into the door to get a better look at that ass, wow, shaped like a heart and all of a sudden my
problem was back again. Remembering my condition of undress I pulled the drape in front of me and cracked the door to see if I could hear just what she was saying. "you mother-fucking-cocksucking piece of shit door" she was chanting as she beat on the door with her fists.

"Ahhem" I tried to get her attention to no avail she just kept kicking and cursing the door. You having a problem I yelled just as she stopped beating and cussing.

"Huh" she said as she wheeled quite startled and looking to see where the voice had come from. "Who said that" "I did " this time opening my door just a little more. "Oh"

I didn't think any one was here but me and that's why I was so upset I locked my self out. "Can I use your phone to call the office to get another key?" she said as she walked toward my door. As she got closer I remembered I don't have a stitch of clothing on. Now what? I could slam the door and run, I could just stand there wrapped in the curtain or I could show her what a real pervert is all about. "Stop or wait a minute" I stammered. as I did she stopped short and her tits bounced almost out of her top. "What's the matter" she questioned? "I don't have anything on" "So what" she said matter of factually "you don't have any thing I have never seen before". And she walked in I said at least get me my robe from the bedroom. "Ok" she said as she went into my room. Its on the chair I yelled "I see it" she
yelled back and returned to the room and tossed it to me. I grabbed it and slipped it on and dropped the drape. "I liked the drape better as she picked up the phone and dialed the office.

"Shit" came from the kitchen where the phone in all of these units is located. "What's the matter?" I asked." Nobody is answering at the office." Well I said it is a holiday and it is after 12:00 and that's about the time they usually split on saturdays and holidays" "Yea I know but I was hoping that maybe someone was still there, SHIT" now what? "I could see if I can get in,if you give me a few minutes to get dressed." I stated not very reassuringly.

"Piss on it, OH by the way I'm Carol" "Hi I'm Barry, your new here arn't you?" "Yes I just finished moving in on thursday and was really looking forward to catching some rays today with absolutely nothing to do but bake my ass."

"Nice ass to bake" I thought out-loud. Thanks she said almost matter of factly. "What the fuck am I going to do?" she said more as a statement than a question. "Have you eaten yet?" No she replied "Good let me get dressed and I'll fix some of my world famous eggs benedict, ok" "Ok to the eggs but don't bother to get dressed on my account I like a man to run around in a robe on his day off." "Ok but I think I better put something on under this anyway." "If I hadn't come over what would you have been doing right now?" "You don't want to know it's not a pretty site or rather thought." "Let me guess" she said almost teasingly. "Ok, but I doubt that you will be correct, I said knowing that even if she was I wouldn't admit what I was doing when she interrupted me.

"Lets see" she said striking a mystic type pose " I see a darkened room and why I see a guy pounding his meat and wow it's a nice cock just the kind I like to suck." she said with a very sly grin, on her face as she reached over and grabbed my cock. "Wa,ah, How did you know and just what the fuck are you doing?"

"I want to finish what I interrupted, Silly I was watching you through the window and I thought that that was to good a hard on to waist on Mary Palm and her five sisters, so that's why I started banging on the door, hoping that I would get your
attention and that I wasn't to late to get some of that super hard cock you were trying to strangle." While she was talking I was getting hard as a rock and she didn't help matters because as she talked she had undone the top to her swim suit and now I was looking at the nicest set of tits I have seen in a long time. "Like em ?" You can play with them if you like and as she said that she thrust her jugs into my face and I grabbed one nipple between my lips and began to suck "Oh fuck that feels great" she moaned as she reached under my robe and stroked my
rock hard cock." And so does that." I moaned. She dropped to her knees and took my cock in her lips and applied a little suction to the head, as she moved her head in an up and down motion.

"You better stop that unless you want a mouthful" I grunted as I felt the cum starting to build up in the rear of my balls, ready to splash into her mouth. She removed her mouth and stood up looking me in the eye removed the rest of her swim suit to reveal the bushiest cunt that I have ever seen! As I stood there and starred she rubbed and stroked her already wet slit and fingered her engorged clit. "Let's go into the bedroom" I grunted as she continued to finger fuck her cunt. "Ok" she sighed And followed me into the room.

In the bedroom she laid across the bed with her legs spread and her pussy winking at me as she continued to rub and play with it ever so often letting her finger dip into her cunt and letting out a little moan as she hit her G spot ether on the in or out stroke. I dropped my robe and joined her on the bed, my cock by now was at the point of no return and there was a little dollop of pre-cum glowing on the tip. She looked at my cock and quickly took it between her lips and slurped the droplet with her tongue and made a face while saying how good it tasted.

I made a dive for her cunt and buried my face in her pussy until I thought she was going to take my entire head into her slit which was moist an very tasty as I grabbed her clit between my teeth and nibbled gently as she arched her back and let out a scream as my mouth was filled with her cunt juice as she came like a waterfall. "Oh shit!! put your cock in me now I need to feel it I need fucked and fucked hard". I of course was ready to respond and I slowly entered her juicy cunt with just the tip of my cock slowly until just the head was buried up to the ridge.

"Oh you motherfucker she moaned give me the whole thing I want to feel you hit bottom." I slowly drew my cock out until I felt the lips of her cunt start to grip the end of my cock, then I pushed it back in till I felt the same lips grip the ridge of my
cock. "Please don't tease me" she said almost crying in ecstasy, "Put your cock the whole way in." I continued to do the slow fuck with just the head of my cock until I felt her start to cum, then I plunged the entire length of my cock in to her super hot pussy, as I did several things happened, she came and it felt as though I had put my cock into a vice as she clamped down hard with her pussy muscles and I hit bottom, something I had only done one time before with a different woman, a long time ago. I continued to pump her and noticed something real strange her cunt seemed to get deeper and tighter, then I realized that I had entered her uterus and was for the first time having a true deep fuck, something that I had only read about and thought my cock was too short to pull off. She continued to moan and thrust her hips as I pumped her twat in a slow steady movement. "Don't cum inside me she squealed I want to taste it ,cum in my mouth, pleasssee." I didn't know if I could hold it long enough to get out of her cunt and into her mouth, but, I was going to try. I slowly exited her cunt and rolled on my back, beside her on the bed, my cock was pointing toward the roof and I felt that if a fly flew past I would shoot cum to the moon. I raised to my knees and let my balls rest between her tits and the head of my cock brushed her waiting lips which opened to receive my swollen cock.

She raised her head and took my cock into her mouth and applied suction to it an I felt her throat start to give the head that swallowing feeling, she was deep-throating my cock, granted it's not that long but by now her nose was buried in my pubic hair and my cock was down her throat, and she continued to suck for all she was worth. I felt as though my balls were going to blow-up. I told her that I was going to cum, and she only sucked harder and faster. When I did let go I thought that that I would never stop I came like I never have before I shot and shot until I noticed cum seeping out the corners of her mouth and running down on to my balls. She never missed a drop and still swallowed greedily until I stopped cumming and let out a sigh of pleasure. She rose to one elbow and let my cock slip out from between her lips. As she did a drop of cum glistened on her lips and fell to my stomach, which she quickly licked up.

As I laid there spent she showed that this was going to be a long afternoon. Before I knew it she was busily licking my cock and balls clean of every drop of cum in sight. She laid back an looked me in the eye and said "Damn that was good, but we're not done yet, unless you want to stop" What could I say "No I can last as long as you can but it will take me slightly longer to come back." "No problem I can amuse myself and you too" she smiled and I wondered just what the fuck she had in mind. We laid there for several minutes and I was just enjoying the after glow of good sex, when I felt her moving on the bed and then I felt her hair brushing my leg as she dropped between my legs and started to lick my balls and push my sack in and out with her tongue, as she did this she pushed my legs back and her tongue dropped to my ass hole and I felt her tongue toying with my sphincter as she tried to push the tip in.

"Oh christ I never had a woman tongue my ass before" I moaned as she continued to tongue fuck my ass hole. She looked up at me and suggested that we take a shower to recharge our batteries an so she could show me something else that she liked. We got up and walked toward the bathroom I looked at her and said "I have to use the facilities first" "You going to piss?" Carol asked in a strange sort of way. "Yea, why" I replied "Don't just hold it until we're in the shower I love to see a man taking a piss" she replied. "Ok" I replied what ever turns you on.

Carol fussed with the water controls as I sat on the toilet and looked at her cunt and ass hole winking at me. "Ah, just right" she cooed and stepped into the tub, "come on in and join me." I stepped into the shower and felt the warm water splash over my chest and run down my cock and balls, "Boy, that almost feels as
good as sex," I laughed and reached for the soap and was stopped in mid reach by Carol as she said "Let me" and took the soap and worked a lather between her hands and started to soap up my chest and then started to work lower, by now I had a combination piss and sex hard-on and Carol was soaping it up for all she was worth. "I got to piss," I said through half open lips as she continued to rub and lather my cock and balls. "Ok," Carol said "let it go, I'll aim." She giggled as she took a firm hold of my cock and I felt the piss start to flow from my bladder. Suddenly Carol dropped to her knees in front of me and directed the golden stream over her tits and onto her face and open mouth, letting the piss fill up her mouth and run down her chin and on to her tits. She then squeezed my cock and cut of the stream, now you all know what that feels like I thought that I was going
to explode. "Carol, Holy Hell that feels like I'm going to explode." She didn't say a word, she just squatted in such a way that her cunt was pointing toward me an she let go of the pressure on my cock and the piss started to flow right on and into her cunt hole and pussy hair. I don't think I have ever taken a longer piss but the longer I pissed the more she moaned and seemed to cum over and over again. When it slowed to a dribble she took my cock into her mouth and swallowed the last drops of piss that flowed from my bladder. "I love golden showers almost as much as I love to fuck" Carol said in an almost apologetic sounding voice. "Hey, like I said what ever turns you on." "Have you ever seen a pussy pissing?" she asked

"No, why?" I asked in a questioning sort of way. "Well I gotta piss and well here it comes" she no sooner finished that statement and I felt a warm stream of fluid hit my leg I looked down and watched as she pulled her pussy open to give me a good look at her pussy pouring piss out in a stream that any man would be proud of. We then soaped each other up and paid close attention to the special parts that we each enjoyed to lather and wash.

After letting the hot water run cold we decided it was time to get out of the shower and dry off. I had some of those big fluffy bath sheets and I got two out for us. Carol took the towel and draped it around her shoulders and too the other one and started to dry me off, as she did she knelt in front of me to dry my legs and took my cock into her mouth and sucked me hard as she dried me off. Thinking turn about was only fair I took her towel and proceeded to dry her off when I got to her
tits I took each nipple in turn into my mouth and gave each one a little suck as I dried her stomach and started to go lower toward her pussy. To dry her legs I knelt at her feet and started to dry the back of her legs as I did I drew her cunt
closer to me and plunged my tongue into her waiting hole. She climaxed almost the instant my tongue brushed her clit, and pussy juice flowed into my mouth and dribbled down my chin. "Boy, you're a sloppy eater." she giggled as she licked the juices from my chin, "I almost taste as good as you." I knelt back down and turned her around to dry her back as I did her ass cheeks brushed my face and I couldn't resist the cheek to cheek reference, which was met with a groan. I proceeded to dry her back and legs and as I did I stuck my tongue up her ass hole
which caused a wiggle and squeal as I continued to dry her legs and tongue fuck her ass hole.

We continued to play and grab and tease until we both deceived that we were hungry I offered to fix something to eat, Carol made a crack about having all she need to eat right here as she squeezed my cock and fondled my balls. I said food and she pouted and said "Oh" "What do you feel like eating" I asked "Pizza" she replied "Ok" I call Pizza Hut and have them deliver one. Wrapped in bath sheets we went into the living room and I turned on the tube and we watched MTV while waiting for the pizza to arrive. After some kissing, groping, and generally enjoying each other we continue to watch TV and just relax. About 20 minutes go by when I notice a car pull up in front of my building and a little brunette got out and reached into the back seat and pulled out a pizza box and started up the walk to the front door. Carol looked at me smiled and said "I'll answer the door, you sit here" she said pointing toward the recliner that's just across from the door. I did, not quite knowing what she had in mind, what she said, as I sat down she arranged my towel so that my cock and balls were exposed and very visible from the front door. The bell rang and Carol walked toward it and as she walked I noticed that she was adjusting her towel so that her titties were not quite covered. She opened the door and the pizza girl said "$12.95" not looking up from the box she was
holding. "Ok" Carol said "Come in while I get the money." The girl for the first time looked up saw Carol's tits, she wasn't sure what to do or where to look as she stepped into the room, she now saw me sitting on the chair with my cock hanging out. Her eyes darted from Carol to me and back to Carol again. Carol turned and walked into the bedroom to get the money, I looked at the now slightly blushing pizza girl and said "Hi, hot isn't it?" "Ah, yea," she said, Again not sure were to put her eyes. "Oh Fuck," Carol called from the bedroom, "Barry, do you have anything smaller than a 50?" "Look in my pants, Carol." I yelled back. I could tell that by now the delivery girl was really starting to get nervous. Carol came strolling out of the bedroom this time both her tits and cunt were on full display as she walked toward the girl. Pizza girl seemed a little more at ease as Carol walked toward her with a $20 dollar bill in her hand.

"What's your name Hon?" Carol asked "Noreen" she answered as Carol handed her the 20 and told her to keep the change. Noreen looked at Carol then at me and my now very obvious hard on, smiled and said "Thanks" As she turned to leave, Carol reached out and cupped Noreen's left tit in her hand and gave it a little squeeze. Noreen didn't say a word but reached down and placed her hand on Carol's cunt. They both giggled and Noreen said "I have to get back to the store, but, I get off work in about 45 minutes can I come back?" Carol looked at me and we both said almost in unison "Sure, come back." After Noreen left, Carol and I devoured the pizza and drank a few beers. "Carol," I asked "How did you know that little pussy from Pizza Hut would be so receptive to your advances?" "Easy," She started," When she looked up from the pizza box, and saw my tits looking back at her, I noticed her nipples got, almost instantly, hard and when I came out of the bedroom with it all hanging out, her shorts were damp in the crotch, along with even harder nipples. "Also" she continued, "She kept looking at your equipment as she tried to hide were her eyes were." "Pretty observant, Carol." I complemented her. "Well in my work you got to be." Carol said "Oh, yea by the way what do you do?" I asked. "I'm a city detective." she said mater of factually.

"Your a cop?" I questioned "Yea, 12 years this November. she continued "I was just transferred to this district from downtown." "Wow" the words left me through my teeth, "A detective, I never fucked a cop before." We both started to laugh and I rolled of the couch on to the floor an pulled her on top of me as we continued to laugh and kiss and hold each other in an embrace from "From Here to Eternity" beach scene. As we rolled around on the floor our towels seemed to have a mind
of there own and shortly we both were naked, and I had my face buried in Carol's pussy licking and sucking for all that I was worth. She returned the favor by assuming the classic 69 position with her on top and me very deeply down her throat. I continued to lick and suck her clit until I felt her cunt juice start to flow. We broke apart and I rolled her over on to her stomach and laid on her back with my cock between the cheeks of her ass. I started to hump her ass and she responded by rubbing her pussy on the carpet. Carol lifted her ass up in the doggie position, with her cunt glistening with fuck me juice. I kneeled behind her and stuck my cock to the hilt in her waiting and ready cunt. "God you fuck good." Carol sighed, As she moved her hips in time with my cock strokes. I pulled my cock out of her cunt and looked down at it it was dripping with Carol's juices. All of a sudden a idea flashed through my mind and I guided my engorged organ to the entrance of her ass hole. "Oh, yea." she grunted "Fuck me up the ass." I started to enter her
ass hole and felt a tightness like I had never felt with my cock before. Slowly I drove my cock in to her waiting ass this was tighter that any cunt I had ever fucked. In and out, as I fucked her ass hole I reached under her and flicked her clit
with my fingers. "I'm going to cum!" Carol screamed and her whole body seemed to shutter and spasm, as I increased the speed of my strokes until I felt that old feeling in my balls. "Me too!!" I replied as I felt the first shot of cum leave me and
enter her ass. "Keep it up, don't stop," "I never felt any thing so hot," she cried as we both collapsed in a heap on top of each other. Heaving a large sigh Carol looked at me and said "I never did that before, but that will not be the last time."
"Wow, now I need a shower.

We got up and started toward the bathroom, when, a knock came at the door. "I'll get it" I said as we both grabbed for the towels that lay on the floor. I went to the door and looked through the peep hole and said "Who is it?" The voice and the
distorted face through the door said "Noreen" "Just a minute Hon," I said as I tried to adjust my towel and then thought why, and opened the door. Noreen smiled and walked inside, looking first to me and then to Carol, who was still laying on the floor half covered with her towel. "Hi" she said "Told you I'd be back." Noreen was about 5'4" dark complicated and fully built a direct contrast to Carol's blonde sveltness, she was dressed as most collage girls dress cutoffs and a elastic halter that we always called a boob tube. Her dark brown almost black hair fell to almost her shoulder and the top showed off the fact that although her tits weren't as large as Carol's they were ample and the nipples were jutting out proudly. She grinned and said "Did I miss anything?" We both looked at her and laughed Carol smiled and said "Only my initiation into the wonderful world of ass fucking." "We were just going to take a shower, make your self comfortable, we'll only be a few minutes." Noreen smiled and asked "Can I join you, after work that damn flour gets everywhere and I feel grungy" "Sure" we both said, "The more the merrier." The three of us walked toward the bathroom Carol and I nude and Noreen still dressed but quickly in the process of joining us. Once in the bathroom I sat on the toilet as Carol fiddled with the water controls her ass and pussy stuck up in the air tits hanging. Noreen proceeded to remove her top and unleash a very nice set of titties, dark brown circles the size of silver dollars crowned by thimble sized nipples, hard as rocks. My cock sprang to attention as I watch her massage her
nipples with her thumb and fore finger, "Wow that feels good, I hate clothes." she murmured semi erotically. Carol had the water fixed to her liking and turned to watch the impromptu strip show as she did I noticed her nipples were also becoming very hard and the signs of cunt juice flowing was on the inside of her
legs. She reached over and gave my cock a little squeeze and smiled. Noreen unbuttoned the top of her cutoffs and slowly started the zipper on its downward journey until they fell to her feet an she stood there in just a pair of very skimpy
panties. She hooked her fingers into the waist band and sort of rolled them down her hips, as she did she turned to show her ass to the both of us. As the panties fell to the floor around her ankles she bent over to remove them, jutting her ass into the air and giving us a framed view of her ass hole and cunt lips which were by this time very wet.

She turned around with a smile on her face, she massaged her pussy and darted a finger into her cunt. Her pussy was no disappointment clipped very short and tapered into an almost perfect triangle, it was black as night. She walked over to Carol and I, "What do you guys think?" we didn't say a word I reached for her pussy and Carol bent over and latched a nipple between her lips. Noreen let out a moan as I buried my face between her legs and flipped her clit with my tongue. Carol continued to suck her tits first one then the other. Noreen responded by putting both hands to work, one in Carol's cunt, the other around my cock, stroking ever so slowly. We kept this up until I tasted cunt cum and she started to buck
her hips, Carol at this point said "I want some of her cum too." So being the perfect gentleman I let the lady suck cunt. Noreen continued to cum for what seemed a long time as Carol's tongue worked over her young pussy. I dropped my attentions to Carol and had my cock firmly impaled in her cunt, stroking in and out in time with her tongue impaling of Noreen. Noreen saw what I was doing and moaned "Don't cum in her, cum in my face." Carol agreed but said "Cum in both of our faces." " I cumming" I groined and both girls were at my feet at once, faces upturned and mouths open. I don't think I have ever cum as hard or as long as I did then, the site of these two sweet young faces wanting my jism on them was almost more than I could take, the first shot went into the air and landed on Noreen's cheek, the second hit Carol almost right in the mouth, she gulped and
swallowed quickly. The more I came the stranger it became dollops of cum were on both girls foreheads, in there hair and running down there cheeks. I fell to the toilet and watched as the two girls licked my cum from each others face and titties, were it had dripped, during the ejaculation. Both were smiling and content as they licked and sucked each other trying to have as much of my cum as possible, this continued until the licking stopped and kissing replaced it. I watched as they exchanged tongues and caressed, and as quickly as it started it stopped and they were tonguing my cock and balls for any remaining specks of cum.

"Wow, I really need that shower now," I said looking at the two as they continued to clean my cock and balls. "Yea, that's a good idea." they both agreed as the three of us got into the shower stall. "Noreen," Carol said "Let me show you something," as she took my limp cock in her hand and started to rub it with
soap---- But then that's another story for another day.

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